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👋 'Spank yer Axe'
Some Tele soloing for you over Monday's song 'Mood'.
'Mood' 🏕 There WILL be a solo on this, later this week! So stay tuned, and thanks for tuning in!
🌌'Heavenly' Impro
🕰 'Two o'clock'
This is my 1963 Guild Starfire III. The guitar I play the most at home because of it's character.
😶No inspiration AT ALL. @vinioes
Some ✨'Stars' impro
🌞'Sun Rad'
Playing live, is the coolest thing about music, for me. 📷 @hansbulsphotography @therecipelive
'La Décima'
📷 @hansbuls_photography took this shot last week. Playing with @therecipelive.
Some acoustic for y'all today. Found this on my phone. Testing a Fender acoustic. . . . . . #acoustic #guitar #guitarist
Check out my band @therecipelive for more pics etc. lots of gigs coming this summer! Always having fun playing commercial on this level with these fine people.
As promised, Tabs on the end. Chords are: C #m9-Amaj9-F #m7/11-B7/11. Listen to my previous post for the whole song. Check my stories for the version in Guitar Pro. In the link in my bio there's more tabs for other songs of me, you can buy for little. 😊 Good luck! 👍
'Garage Band Jam' on the Tele. On this version I intergraded the bass and chord part of the intro. When there's lots of likes and comments, maybe I'll throw out a lesson about the intro part, later this week.😊 Enjoy your week!
For those of you who ask me how I make my backing tracks, here's 'Garage Jam'. 🤘🎸I use my iPad for Garage Band and my guitar goes through the Kemper Profiler and an IRig into the IPad. Effects come from the Kemper. Nothing more. It's not a recommended setup for the studio but it works fast if I have an idea and want to make a video of it. The videos are made with my IPhone.
For all of you who ask me how I make my backing tracks, put on your post notifications to see tomorrow's post where I'll show you how it's done on my 'Garage Jam' track!