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For those of you who ask me how I make my backing tracks, here's 'Garage Jam'. 🀘🎸I use my iPad for Garage Band and my guitar goes through the Kemper Profiler and an IRig into the IPad. Effects come from the Kemper. Nothing more. It's not a recommended setup for the studio but it works fast if I have an idea and want to make a video of it. The videos are made with my IPhone.
For all of you who ask me how I make my backing tracks, put on your post notifications to see tomorrow's post where I'll show you how it's done on my 'Garage Jam' track!
'Drying'. If you have any better title for this one, write it in the comments. 😊 Thank you all!!
🌫 'Foggy' will be on my album for sure.
Waiting for a student. ⏳
Strats are not my favorite, but they're ideal for gigging. Extremely reliable, very versatile with sounds, which makes it the perfect guitar for coverband gigs.
πŸ‘‰ @horacebray.musicπŸ‘ˆ and I were having fun hangin' and playing together in Brooklyn the other day. Do yourself a favor and make sure to follow him and check out ALL of his video's! 😊One of the most awesome and tasteful players.
Your favorite amp is....? This is my 1971 Princeton reverb.
🌿'Monday' soon to be recorded for my album. TABS for this one! Follow the link in my bio.
Don't forget to drop by @retrofret when you're in Brooklyn NY. Friendliest people. Listen to this awesome Gibson ES295 from 1953. πŸŽ₯ @raw.thentic
Thanks @retrofret for having us today! πŸŽ₯ @raw.thentic
πŸ›€πŸ‘’'Wooden Boots' Yes!! Tabs for this one! Just follow the link in my bio. This one will be recorded for my album too, which should be available this summer.
You like Les Pauls? I do like mine. I don't play it that much but it plays and sounds awesome. It's from 1971. The 'pancake' era. It's not as heavy as the late '70 Les Paul's and has a nice 'wooden' sound. Original it had the mini-humbuckers, but a previous owner replaced it. πŸ˜• It also has the 3-piece maple neck.
πŸŒƒ'Late at Night' Comment if you think this should be (or not) on my album which I'm recording. And YES! Tabs for this one and others, link in bio.
This is me trying to find some ideas. You can see me get lost in the middle. 😁
Who ❀️ Teles?
'Turn up the gain!'