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I'll take yo girl with a joke and a melody Actor/ Rapper Entertainer Bos ✈️ LA

Bank account cypher 😈 @maestro @themayestar Full version on FB
If I don't get my Harry Potter lookin ass out the bank parking lot... 😂, Bank Account cypher coming tomorrow 👀😈
When your boy gets that one text... @realjasonmendez (Tag a homie!)
When the first girl shows up to the party... (Tag a homie!) w/ @hanagiraldo @marlon_webb @pacmanpayen @chauncey_stubbs @maxjr617 @nampaikid @maestro @themayestar @jojoe Song: More Friends- Link in bio
IM WITH MY GANG, song (More Friends) Available everywhere!! Link in bio! Fire animation done by @ged_kid,
The "Bravo" music video is now available in every country! There was an international copyright or some nonsense, but now everyone can enjoy! 😈💜 Link in bio 👏🏾
When you pour the water, before the ice cubes.. w/ @realjasonmendez (Tag a homie!) @chrisbrownofficial
That synch tho!!! @we808_ @khemistry_808 went to work! "More Friends" link in bio!!!! 😈
Give me some of your energy!!! @bryansanon and @pretty_neno bodied this 😭🙌🏾, Song "More Friends" link in bio!!
No matter how life going... just SMILE 😁😈
When it's the end of the month and the cop got to meet his quota 😂🙅🏾‍♂️😒 ( tag a homie) w/ @jojoe @nampaikid
Episode 2 and 3 of night owls is out now in @jojoe bio!!! Just know we been getting into a lot of shit 😂😭, show it love!!!!
Slide remix out now! With @olohtx Link in the bio! S/O the 5000 people who commented on the last post and the people the keep this music going!! Enjoy 😈 @lo_cheriee
5,000 comments!! LINK IN BIO
Whole lot of gang shit
Dancing is culture. @supersaiyansosho @prontopariah @dandreyouugly killed this shit! 😭 Song: More Friends - Link in bio
When her makeup ain't waterproof 😂 w/ @oliviasui @nampaikid @pupperviolet , (Tag a homie!)
I'm with my gang 😈, These kids is the future 😭🙌🏾, Song: "More Friends" Link in bio! @thatkiddtobi @2khitta @benji1k_ @iameily @iamalexus @jeffersonbeats
New song "More Friends" ! Produced by 808 mafia is out now!!! LINK IN BIO!! Thank you for all the support! I truly love y'all!!
When she got that one pet peeve 😂😭🙅🏾‍♂️ w/ @athenamejiapage (Tag a homie!)