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...Because every picture tells a story.... look carefully... can u tell?

The sun n I.. what can I say... it's complicated... 💛❤️❤️ #weekendvibes ..
Morning walks with @diariesofdiana be like... ❤️
Sunday exploring.. @diariesofdiana
Reunited. @diariesofdiana ❤️❤️❤️ #nyc
Thank u #prague🇨🇿 for being such a wonderful host. I had the best time exploring the city while working crazy hours. Thank u #hanka and Czech crew for looking after me so much. Loved the memories I'm taking back.. @etro @cristinaehrlich Ps- check out the locks behind me. To signify forever love... aaaahhh.. ❤️😍
lil @sky.krishna turns ONE today! Masis precious. Happy birthday baby girl #facetimemoments @madhumalati s twin ❤️💋 @divya_jyoti @nilesarkisian @vimlaakhouri
On this day, 65 years ago, my resilient, strong and gentle mother @madhuchopra was born. An ardent lover of Elvis Presley and Life in general... She is my role model, my best friend and now also my producing partner for @purplepebblepictures. Without her, I would not be here today…. Clearly for obvious reasons! But seriously, she has taught me all that I know today – the values, the principles, the code of conduct to live life by. To hold my head up high and not let anyone intimidate me... She usually guides me with a gentle yet firm nudge in the right direction and I still don't get it!! But I love you mom, more than words can express. Thank you for being my rock, my pillar, my strength and the reason for my resilience... Thank you for being you. Here's to always being #springchickens
Happy birthday to my absolute Rock. I couldn't do anything I aim for if I didn't have u... I wish u happiness and health and all the love in the world mom! @madhuchopra #merimama
Shoot life selfie.. when nothing is surprising anymore!! #bigbrowneyes #surpriseme
Mood.. @diariesofdiana killing snoopy! Lol #iloveubutihateu
Lol. Too funny.. Ok last one... promise..then must sleeeeppppp.. 😉😂🙌🏼😴
Local food for my #praguediaries🇨🇿
Lol! #sotrue #just
What's my hair gonna be like @gregorykaoua ??? 😝❤️ #praguediaries🇨🇿 #shootlife