King Chris

King Chris @popolympian

Just be the King

Sleep is something not know to me
Take me to the sea, and let me sail among the stars🌊
Beachwalk ☁️
Smoke Up Johnny🚬
Getting Ready For Race Weekend? Good luck @tkanaan 🏆
Sail me away like a cloud in the sky far away I must go where I can see up high.☁️☀️
Day 1 at the beach with my bro hit us up💯🌞
Bless up🙏🏼
Office Work📌
A little throwback to childhood memories and sunny days📌
Great Smoky Mountains⛰
Everyday is a beach day, when you're a life guard 🇨🇭
Parasailing Day⛵️
Happy Monday 🌅
Add me on Snap for what I do daily. 👻chris2301999
Believe it or not..⛰
Wills Tower~ Chicago🏙
I'll be in Indy soon, any ideas on where I should go next📍