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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀✨Oliver ✨ @pomchiolive

Today I had a play date with my best furiend Winston 😊💖
Happy because instead of wet food for dinner 🍴, mom treated me to chicken 🍗 and cheese 🧀 over kibble!! 🎉❤🎉❤🎉 #myfavefood #imagoodboy
Just hangin' out with my second favourite hooman Carter 😝(sorry but Mom is always #1)
Did someone say... Doggy Park?? 🙏🏼
Wishing the weather was nicer so I could play at the park with my furiends 😩☔️
Post-doggy park happiness 💕😄
I found a good smell so I gotta roll in it of course 😜
Happy Mother's Day Mom! Thanks for all the toys and treats and walkies ❤❤❤
I'm the only one at the doggy park because of the possible rain rain ☔️😩 Guess I'm gonna have to come back tomorrow to make new furiends🤦‍♂️
Let's go Blue Jays! 😄💙⚾️ How cute is this baseball bandana Mom got me?? I'm going to love wearing it all summer 🙏🏼💕
Running through the backyard trying to find the birdies and squirrels 🐦🐿👀
My most favourite hooman 💕❤💕❤💕❤
I got a new toy and I absolutely love it! 😊🙏🏼
I LOVE the doggy park 🙊❤
I miss mom sooo much when she's at worky work all day😭 But I'm super happy when she comes home 🎉😊