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We just unboxed the #FFXIV Stormblood Collector's Edition! Go watch our Instagram Story to see.
E3 is over, and now it's time to pick favorites. Hit the link in our profile, or swipe up on today's Stories, to vote in PlayStation Blog's E3 Awards and make your voice heard.
A legendary artifact. An unlikely pair. One brand new adventure. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy arrives on PS4 on August 22.
Good news/bad news. Bad: #PS4DaysofPlay is coming to an end. Good: You’ve got one last chance to grab all this loot!
GT Sport arrives on PS4 later this year.
The more #PS4DaysofPlay loot the better. See what items lay in store.
E3 2017 has finally come to a close. Catch up on all the trailers, interviews, and gameplay footage on the Blog and on our YouTube channel, and don't forget: PlayStation Experience is coming back to Anaheim on December 9th and 10th. More details soon!
While the show may have wrapped, we've still plenty of sights from the E3 showfloor this year to share - including street fighters, dancers and dragons #PlayStationE3 #E32017
“Even from the beginning of the company we’ve been experimenting with all kinds of social concepts. We call it the Napnok Way, which is bringing people to be a bit more physical, to talk to each other when they play games. And that’s what we’re inspired by – take that feel of board games, but make it more simple and approachable. And it works because in a board game you control everything, right, but in a videogame we are the moderators and we can easily make it more accessible for people to play. So our game Franctics and the PlayLink initiative totally fits us as a developer, which is amazing.” - Dajana Dimovska, Napnok Games . . . #PeopleofE3 #PlayStationE3
"It was such an extreme honour to get to take care of Id’s baby. Because of course we are huge fans from the Wolfenstein 3D days and back then we looked at id for Wolf, for Doom, for Quake. They were our superheroes – that’s what we wanted to be in life. And now they are our friends and we get to work on their IP. It feels like a dream sometimes.” - Jens Matthies, Creative Director, MachineGames . . . #PeopleofE3 #PlayStationE3
"It’s not corporate here at all. Everyone’s just been having a laugh, which is exactly what we want them to do.” - Claire Bromley, Associate Producer, Sony XDev . . . #PeopleofE3 #PlayStationE3
On the shores of a new land, a world-weary Kratos must adapt to unfamiliar new lands, unexpected threats, and an incredible new power. Discover a new chapter for Kratos and a new #GodofWar adventure in A Saga Borne of Ash. Witness the full performance on our YouTube channel.
#PS4DaysofPlay continues and the loot can still be yours. What’s been your favorite drop so far?
Shuhei Yoshida made a new friend at #E3! We're already hearing lots of buzz around Moss, coming to PS VR, and its adorable heroine Quill. 🐭
"I spend all of my time working on a videogame, I’ve played games for over 30 years, and my children are following in my footsteps, so games are such a huge part of our life together. We play Destiny together, all my kids have got level 40 characters, we swap guns with each other and have conversations about the new Exotics. It’s in every facet of my life and has been for decades now. It is me. Games is me. [Laughs]” - Jonathan ‘Bids’ Biddle, Creative Director, The Swords of Ditto . . . #PeopleofE3 #PlayStationE3
“It started out as a name. We knew it was going to be called Burly Men At Sea. And so, what was the setting for that? Scandinavia sort of lends itself to that. My wife, who’s the writer and artist on the game, loves folklore and so we explore Scandinavian folklore through the lens of the game.” - David Condolora, Creator, Burly Men At Sea . . . #PeopleofE3 #PlayStationE3
It's the final day of #E3 2017! Tune in for even more developer interviews and new gameplay videos:
Close encounters of the Knack kind #E3
Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4 arrives in 2018.
“I’m here with my son, Atreus. It's our second E3 together." - Kratos . . . #PeopleofE3 #PlayStationE3