🌟Handsome Thor🌟

🌟Handsome Thor🌟 @pitty_fulloflove


I'm glad someone can sleep through the storm.⚡
It never gets easier. #lunchbreak
Can we go for a ride now? I've been waiting all day.
Not happening.
Finally enjoying my Easter cake from @okraandmolly_pupcakes now that my appetite and attitude are back to normal. 🐰 #nomnom thanks you guys!
FRESH LINENS? I'm all over that! #curleduplikeaputtytat
I love this!!! This is how we come together and make a difference. Want change, be the change. Do not show prejudice and do not stereotype. Thank you @cassidyxmae
I think this breed has a superior ability to find entertainment in the same things we as humans enjoy. #almosthuman
Wish I knew what hotel to credit with this awesome policy. 🙌