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YASSSS. 👏🏼🏳💜
Okay, so it's a screenshot, but I found out something cool, thanks to Andrew! I have no idea how long it's been there, but the Instagram I started for The Color of USD about a year and a half ago is on the Official USD Marching Band website. And it just made me excited! So here's a shout out to @thecolorofusd because I wouldn't be where I am today without them and I'm incredibly lucky to be your instructor another year! ❤🐺🐾 [145/365] #photoaday #ColorguardCoach
Campus is pretty and so is my dog. [144/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie
You can't tell because I changed, but at one point I was spinning my rifle in the pouring down rain. 🙈 I was determined to finish the last 32 counts I had write! And it's done. 💁🏻 [143/365] #photoaday #colorguard #ColorguardCoach #JenniferSpins
Excited for the next 4 weeks doing fitgirl stuff. 😁 [142/365] #photoaday
Today wasn't very exciting. I restarted Watching Glee from Season 1, and went grocery shopping. So 🤷🏻‍♀️ But I did take this picture of Andrew and I like him so that'll do 😁❤👏🏼 [141/365] #photoaday
It's about 3 days before the end of the school for them, and they have already learned half of the opener for their show! 6 of them are new this year, and are already throwing 45s, parallels, touching rifles and airblades, and more within just 2 months. Can't wait to see what this group will do this season! [140/365] #photoaday #colorguard #SpiritOfMadison
You are too cute for your own good. 💜🐶 [139/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie
We're currently in a Fitbit week challenge with our work friends, but we are eating at the pub instead of stepping. Oh well! [138/365] #photoaday #andsomeranch
I still have bruises randomly showing up from Sunday's rifle routine I wrote for fun. Currently my toe is purple and so is the top of my foot. But now these bruises on my arm are showing up. 🙈 [137/365] #photoaday #colorguard
Okay so all my Snapchat friends were using this filter and I thought it was so cool watching everyone point out their piercings. So here's mine! I actually used to have 9 just on my ears! But most of them have closed, oops. 1 cartilage, singles for my earlobes, 1 tragus, and 1 nose stud! My favorite piercing is my tragus, what's your favorite of yours?! [136/365] #photoaday #NationalPiercingDay #tragus #cartilage #nosering
Colorguard time with Alexis today! Taught her the Airblade basics for Yankton HS, and then we wrote the flag work for the opener of Yankton's show! Here's a little snippet of that. 😜 So excited! We officially have about 75% of the show written! 💜💙 [135/365] @alexisaxident #photoaday #colorguard #colorguardCoachES #JenniferSpins
Sorry about the language for this song. 🙈 But also, I freaking learned how to do a rifle 45 today. And my poor fishflop was dying by the end of the day, oops. But I had some colorguard fun today and I'm happy with what I got. #colorguard #olddog #newtricks #JenniferSpins
OKAY! So most of you know I joined the @Fitgirls challenge this past month, which resulted in me actually cooking and eating new things. Well, today was the end of the #28dayjumpstart, and I lost a total of 9.7lbs on it. 😁😁 Which means I'm a total of 14.2lbs down since January. I'm extremely excited, I'm super proud of myself, and yeah I'm doing it again. I've missed going to the gym and being active so this was a big push. And I'm really happy that it forced me to try new foods. But here's my progress photos from just the last month, I'm loving it. 😜😜 [134/365] #photoaday #photofitchick #progress #feelingood
Maggie got PLENTY of treats from the 5k, along with a new bandana and cute dog tag that says Beast Mode on it! And on top of that, BarkBox came in today with MORE treats and new stuffed animals. She's set for a while, that's for sure. #MyPupMaggie
5k is done!! Maggie was an EXTREMELY good girl. If you know Maggie, you know she's unsure of people at first even if she knows them, and she's excited by other dogs. Unfortunately, she shows this by howling and she looks kinda scary when this happens. So we were a little nervous. BUT! She was a happy dog! She barked twice, she left other people and dogs alone (other than the occasional sniff) and overall, we are happy. Plus we aren't too sure of our time, it's been taking us roughly an hour to do 3 miles at home. We must have gotten off the wrong trail, but we'll take it! Back to home! [133/365] #photoaday #5k #TailsNTrails #photofitchick #MyPupMaggie 💙🐶
Hanging out at Omaha in a hotel watching Parent Trap before our 5k tomorrow. 😋 [132/365] #photoaday
White girl status, but thank you Caribou Coffee. 😜