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Andrew recreated the first meal that he ever made for me 5 years ago tonight because I requested it. Which means he loves me. ❤ [206/365] #photoaday
South Dakota things. ❤ [205/365] #photoaday
In 4 years, we've gone through 2 years of long distance, I finished college, you started college, we began work at WalMart, we went to Disneyworld, we traveled across the country, we moved in together, we brought Maggie into our home, we have had Halloween Costumes for no parties to go to (but we won the work contest and that's important), we've been to SOO many states, we've done two 5ks, we've been to concerts, we've had Skype dates where we watched movies, celebrated birthdays together, we've had our first Christmas alone together, and so so much more. I'm happy to have you in my life, and although life is throwing us some curve balls, I'm glad I get to hit them out of the park with you. ❤ [204/365] #photoaday @aacandela91
There isn't anyone else in this world that I would rather spend the last 4 years with. ❤ I love you babe, Happy Anniversary.
Day 2 of Mini Camp went well. Can't wait for what these ladies and Jack can do tomorrow. 😋 [203/365] #photoaday #colorguard #SpiritOfMadison
Quality time with Nicole and her cat Ivy for the weekend ❤ [202/365] #photoaday
Give me a bacon cheeseburger and some crayons and I'm all good to go. 👍🏼 [201/365] #photoaday #FiveGuys
I wrote the third movement Choreography for Madison today in the loving and forgiving hallway of the FA. What did you do today? [200/365] #photoaday #colorguard #ImSoTired
I do not regret this purchase. 💁🏻🦄 [199/365] #photoaday #pegasus #BurbankBeach
Andrew came home today and then we went to the beach which both made me pretty happy. 😊 [198/365] #photoaday #BurbankBeach
That sweaty glow I have going on? Yeah that means I finished Madison's ballad tonight. Which means I danced. Woof. 😅💃🏻 [197/365] #photoaday #colorguardInstructor #neverforgetyourhairtie #ineedairconditioning
Legend HS alumni counts, right? Even if I am live streaming from another state? 💙 Thanks FloMarching! #DrumsAlongTheRockies
Today? I worked. And now that I'm home, I'm being somewhat productive. Doing the laundry, folding it too, vacuumed the living room, snacked my healthy snacks, showered, and now I'm drinking my V8 juice. Later? I get to watch DCI shows thanks to FloSports. So you'll know where I'll be for the next 4 hours if you need me. 😋 [196/365] #photoaday
Maggie and I are home alone for the weekend, so I felt like we need to take a walk. My furball got extremely tired, and I decided to cut it short. But it's okay. Time for water and relaxation! [195/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie #charitymiles #photofitchick
Reasons our management is better than yours? We were shopping for healthy food, and our Assistant walked by us and gave us a box of Pizza. Thanks John. 😋 [194/365] #photoaday
I love this dog, have I told you that? Because I do. And you should too. [193/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie
Andrew and I decided to purchase fidget cubes. So there's that. 🤷🏻‍♀️😬 [192/365] #photoaday #fidgetcube
Boredom got the best of us today but it's kinda fun. (: [191/365] #photoaday #Bitmoji #snapchat
Everyone's still a little exhausted from their weekend. Even our Maggie, who's been playing with Sky and Mya since Thursday. ❤ Glad to be back home and with our pupster again. [190/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie
Today didn't really exist for our family. We woke up at 12am and were out the door by 12:30am. We drove out to Chicago O'Hare and met Dustin and the other sailors around 1-1:30am. They had some "free time" until 3:10am. We went through security and sat at a gate until 4:45am. We realized his school of people and himself were at the wrong gate, so we travel back at 5am. And after a quick good bye, my brother was on a plane before 5:30am, to fly out at 6am. My family and Andrew then promptly slept until 12:30pm. But it was worth it. I got to see my not so-little brother fly out and move to South Carolina. And I think that is so cool and I'm so proud of him too. See you whenever I see you next Dustin. 💙 [189/365] #photoaday #NavySailor #HesTheOneInWhite