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She might have tripped me earlier today, but I still love her because she's my best frand. [267/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie
Spirit of Madison had their first performance today. I'm proud today. 🖤☠️🖤 [266/365] #photoaday #SpiritOfMadison
So I didn't take any pictures today, mainly because I was checking my dad's Snapchat updates for most of the day. My dad went on a bike trip for the last week and ended it with a stop to visit Andrew and I. So we had dinner at Texas Roadhouse, so this will have to do. Very excited to have seen my Dad! [265/365] #photoaday
Colorguard sectional with USD, they make me happy. Feeling the music and already learning the choreography to the next show. Awesome job ladies ❤️ [264/365] #photoaday #colorguard #thecolorofusd
Hey friends! So the USD Guard and Twirlers are hosting a day where you can come spin with the guard, or twirl with the Twirlers to a tune during the half time show. It'll be October 14th, and you will get an instructional video depending on your equipment! Even better is that all the proceeds go to Children's Miracle Network! If you have any questions or want more information, just message me. I have the registration link on me, and I can send it to you or just check out @thecolorofusd page! ❤️ #colorguard #thecolorofusd #twirler #twirling
He whined that I should join him at the MUC while he did homework. Some reason I joined him. 🤷🏻‍♀️ [263/365] #photoaday
The other day we watched Pocahontas. I didn't realize Pocahontas 2 was on Netflix, and it's been so long since I've seen it! So here's the picture of the day. 😊 [262/365] #photoaday #Pocahontas
It's progress. It's my wall sit, and I hate it, but who doesn't? Featuring the ball I had to get for another one of my exercises for Physical Therapy. I'm also not wearing a brace (as instructed from PT) and this makes me a little happy. 😊 [261/365] #photoaday #physicaltherapy #kneetherapy
Cure for a Dog that won't stop whining? Frosty Paws ice cream. ❤️ But in all seriousness, our pupster constantly whines, and we can't find out why. Help? [260/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie #dogsofinstagram
Today The Sound of USD had their first performance and I'm extremely happy with the guards performance today. Lots of things to work on, but I'm so happy to be your instructor! Not only because I get starbursts, game day socks, and a card from the section leader (thanks Emma ❤️) but they are simply amazing and always make me smile. Good job girls ❤️ But also, so happy to have Andrew apart of the staff this year! ❤️ way to go Coyotes, keep it up! [259/365] #photoaday #GoYotes
Game Night with the guard was fun! Pizza, cookies, and lots of laughs! [258/365] #photoaday
I meant to take a picture early today at the USD guard sectional but I forgot. So a screenshot from a video at practice where the band actually got to use the Dome, and the cheer team and dance team came too! Can't wait for their performances on Saturday. ❤️ [257/365] #photoaday
Maggie was accepted into Bark University! Her course dogalog is included in the next picture. This is by far one of the cutest BarkBox themes! We even got a frat boy and pup noodles for toys! #BARKuniversity #BarkBoxDay [256/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie
Andrew brought pop dolls into our life. And now I'm playing too. 🙃 So this is just a few of the new ones for tonight. 💜 [255/365] #photoaday #popdolls
Puppy snout. 🐶 [254/365] #photoaday #MyPupMaggie
Took some photos of the USD colorguard and the Twirlers today ❤️ Having fun editing them on my new laptop. ☺️ [253/365] #photoaday
Finally got to see the Pirate Crew perform! So very proud of them! Can't wait to watch them grow this season! [252/365] #photoaday #SpiritOfMadison #colorguard
Living in Vermillion means Ribs, Rods, and Rock n Roll every year. 🙌🏼 But I come for the Corn Dogs and Cheese Curds, and hoping for some Funnel Cake. 😍
It's Red Friday and also USD band practice day and these ladies and I accidentally became triplets ❤️🏳❤️ Go Yotes and #TheColorOfUSD [251/365] #photoaday #colorguard
Repost! • Have you ever wanted to spin with The Color of USD or be a Feature Twirler?? Well here is your chance!! USD will be hosting its first ever Twirler/Color Guard Member For a Day! We are inviting boys and girls of all ages to experience what it is like to be a feature twirler or a color guard member by performing with the Sound of USD at halftime on October 14th. Best of all, proceeds from this event will go to Children's Miracle Network!!! For more information and to register click the link! Registration for this event will close September 29th. Message us for the link or any questions! #colorguard #twirler #USDtwirler #TheColorOfUSD #collegeguard #collegetwirlers #usdcoyotes #southdakota #Usouthdakota #GoYotes