new merch! (Link in bio){le godchurch my name a jeff} Limited time only, thank you so much for all the support so far, glad youre loving these
Someone is jealous of my new watch, thanks @tayroc! Checkout with code "PEWDIEPIE" and get 10% discount #ad
Maya has been seriously ill at the vet the past few days. So happy to have her home and doing well again ♥️
Beard coming along nicely
U see these two on the street, u best be runnin
"save me"
Pugs go crazy when the water is low 😆
Edgar is atleast cute to wake up to ..
Rockin full s2 pearly whites 🤙 @pearlywhites_uk #notspons
First dip of of the year. Edgar chickened out.
When the drugs kicks in..
Received this cool painting by @mcbess strongly recommend you guys check out as well @dudesfactory
Rare photo of edgar being calm
I shaved and now i dont even recognise myself so weird, whos this fkn lil boi...
Listening to new gorillaz album with non other than @watashiwanoodle (and edgar+katsu) Checkout: (not sponsored just a fan ;-)
Shes taking pictures of her feet
Had a nice trip with marzias family in Italy My shirt: @pearlywhites_uk