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Morning! ☀️
✨🙌🏻 comfort zone.
Backlight ✨
Happy father's day! Once a daddy's little girl. Always daddy's girl. Can't wait to give you a big big big hug 😘
My not so little sister. My best friend.
Sometimes it's crazy, how you just meet someone unexpectedly, somewhere random & just click. And now I am so lucky to call this lady that I met randomly couple years ago my best friend. Life is just so funny. Embrace it ✨
Kangen dicium matahari ☀️
Make up free selfie.
It's up to you.
Candid shot by my gorg sis @idarhijnsburger 💕 wearing @yosepsinudarsono monochrome dress.
Unforgettable night
A night to remember.
Sharing is caring! Mari sambut bulan yang baik ini untuk saling berbagi! Kamu bisa ikut berpartisipasi sebesar Rp 100,000 untuk membantu @sahabatanak dalam mewujudkan mimpi mereka dengan membeli Vivo V5s Pure White. @vivo_indonesia #VivoV5sPurefectDay
Put your @wranglerjeansid skinny jeans, and travel #pevitaforwrangler
Not a very smooth ending and trust me this is ain't easy! Need to do more AcroYoga with @penyogastar ASAP!