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Thank u I Love It so Much ...
Grandpa will be coming home to INDONESIA ^_* He is feel so Happy Thank You so Much GOD Save Flight Granpa and Merry See u in BANDUNG GBU ALL
U know me so wel ISAH wkwkw thnks suguhanna ^_^
My New shoes member THANK SO MUCH BOS Milley For all a GIFT nya GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS sist mmmuachh mmmuachhhh ^_^
No Caption just HoHOYyyyy
Moms Belitung Trip
enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning . thank God
Happy Bdays Moms wish u all the best ^_^
Happy happy Moms #laskarpelangibeach
Happy Holiday Mom and sist wuth AHOK Mom ^_^ #ahok #laskarpelangi #kampoengahok
Kangen masakan POPOH Tjia Tjoe Yoen , Thank u MUM dah masakin masakan khas " Khe "punya sayur asik masak Choh aseeekkkk ^_* yummyyy