Peanut And Almond

Peanut And Almond @peanut_redtoypoodle

PEANUT🐶🐶🐶🐶 Female red toy poodle 💕my hooman and my pawfriend Likes for likes Please be active😊 Dog account only🐩🐩🐩🐻 🐶🐶🐶🐶pawtners? DM me!

#pawhifluffmodel #pawhi #pawsuphi please choose me! I'm cute and photogenic😘. I'd like to be your model.WML! p.s I love to pose too😛... and who can resist my puppy eyes🐶?? @mimicreampom @almond_redtoypoodle @oreothepartypoodle @pawhi_app
"fine day at Saumata apartment with my hooman." -Peanut-
It's my barkday celebration -Peanut- Event @ the breeze Peanut dress from risepet Almond's tuxedo from @canines_kingdom Barkday cake from @wagntailkitchen
Almond's currently at school, we're going to pick him up for peanut's barkday celebration and sent him back to school:(. See you at 13 may little Almond😘 Bwt, #throwback to @acaradoggy summer furry carnival
Have confident and put your heads up 😁😂
Peanut 2nd place trick oh trick by @acaradoggy. Thanks for the prize😆😗😀
You're invited to Peanut's 2nd barkday @the breeze Event star at 6.30( morning walk with serpong dog lover) Please come😊 comment or dm if you want to come😘😝