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Keep it simple. Leg session this afternoon. So to get enough energy you have to eat enough calories. Organic whole grain rice with quinoa, 21 days aged rump steak and some cherry tomatoes. Stay focused Stay strong #staylean #TeamPalik #ptpalik
Absolutely happy! What a transformation in 10 enjoyable sessions and we managed to lose 5 inches in waist size. We used a quality Stay Lean hydrolyzed protein and the Burn. #staylean #ptpalik #TeamPalik
Joe's just Love our hydrolyzed protein. Stay focused, #staylean
Easy dinner,wild salmon and stir fry veggies. Stay focused #staylean
Our delicious hydrolyzed protein is available in strawberry. #staylean
Proud to be part of Stay Lean family. .... launch today! Shop online Promo code: pp04 #staylean #TeamPalik
Launch day of our great product. Stay Lean hydrolyzed whey protein now available online. and use the promo code: pp04 to get 10% off.
Aim high :)
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