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**customer appreciation sale** One of our most popular items are our acrylic powders, as you might know by how often they are sold out. We have restock them just for this sale. Crazy crazy prices!! For our own brand of acrylic we tend to pick the best because we want to be proud to represent quality product! So far everyone who has used our acrylic powder has become a fan! Make sure to try it out for yourself. Sales are TODAY ONLY!!! #oceannailsupply #sale #acrylicpowder
One more hour to go!!!! Friday sale will begin!! Tears of joy when I don't have to do hourly post anymore. Lol. Happy time for everyone! Remember supplies are limited, sales apply to the item chosen by us and it's not for everything. We reserve the right to cancel any order. So all the boring stuff out of the way! ONE HOUR LEFT!!!! #oceannailsupply #sale
#Repost @nailsbysuki ・・・ @oceannailsupply I'm for your Black Friday Sale! @oceannailsupply Sparkle Friday Sale!!! All I'm going to say is my clients are excited so much so some are coming in Friday to help pick out what I should get
Almost there. Almost there!!!! 3 hours left!!! Sale will be posted on time in three hours. Don't forget it's on selected items only. Limit 5 per sale item and don't wait too long for the sale because the limited stock. #oceannailsupply #sale
5 more hours. . What else is left to say but WE ARE ALMOST THERE!!!! 70-90% off sale is almost here! Just think of it as 5 episodes of GoT. Which really goes by fast except for the emotional torture it comes with while watching all your favorites getting killed off. Back to non killing fun! Now the sale is almost here, we want to let you know that these has been hand picked by our staff with some of the items that's been our top two sellers! Oceannailsupply.com is where it's at! Make sure you come back in 5 hours. #oceannailsupply #sale
Alright alright, you might be thinking that hey I won't miss the deal, stop doing the hourly reminder of the sale. Just back when we started to do sales, people will be emailing days later and say "oh I'm sorry, I didn't see the instagram post" "can I have the sale price again please". "But... whyyyyyyy". So this time we are making sure you will see it, if we have to put a post it on your forehead we'll go ahead and do it. Well maybe not a post it, that stuff is expansive. ANYWAYS! SALE!! TOMORROW!! 70-90% OFF!!! #oceannailsupply
aurora mirror pigment and swarovski crystals available on oceannailsupply.com . . . from @yessynailjewels #oceannailsupply #auroramirrorpigment
glass film and decorations available on oceannailsupply.com . . . from @fingerbangportland - @asabree made me @glynasty the Mother of Dragons today and I am STOKED!!! @gameofthrones #fireandice #winterishere #gameofthrones #housetargaryen #magicfingers #nailchurch #fingerbangportland #fingerbangme #fingerbang #oceannailsupply
I'm sorry that we can't let you know what's on sale yet. But just looking it over again we realize that "damn that's low". Well it's not going to last and don't say we didn't warn you, repeatedly, on the hour, every hour, until even the chatterbox like myself have barely anything left to say. It's a good sale, don't miss it, blah. That's all folks! See you next hour as the count down approaches. #oceannailsupply #sale
aurora mirror pigment and swarovski crystals available on oceannailsupply.com . . . from @nailsbydeirdre #oceannailsupply #auroramirrorpigment #swarovskicrystals
aurora mirror pigment available on oceannailsupply.com . . . from @destined_nails #oceannailsupply #auroramirrorpigment
from @with2l - I can picture myself doing that when there's a good sale coming along the way. Tomorrow Friday Aug 18th, 2017 there will be a sale at oceannailsupply.com that's 70-90% off. Yap yap. Low low prices on things you need anyways. So you can save money for things you don't need like this costco espresso machine which is 300 dollars off and the sale ends today (still debating, while watching all the review videos) @oceannailsupply @oceannailsupply @oceannailsupply #oceannailsupply #sale
Our faces as we are writing down the prices for the sale! Don't forget that we are doing this just one day only, and only while supply last. Don't forget to visit us tomorrow to see what's on sale! Sales are available on oceannailsupply.com on the listed date only, while supply last and only on selected item. Thank you and we'll see you back here tomorrow. :). #oceannailsupply
Tomorrow on Friday Aug 18th 2017. We will be posting this one day sale on oceannailsupply.com. Chosen from our top selling items we have customized and create some amazing deals to share with all of you! The selected item will be ranging from 70-90% off retail price and we hope that you can see there's a lot of thought put into the items to help everyone create amazing nail art with the items we offer. Set your memo/alarm/calendar and be sure to come back and visit tomorrow on oceannailsupply.com #oceannailsupply #sale
THE SALES ARE COMING!! (In my best game of throne impression). Make sure you remember to come back. No spoilers will be given, except for that it's awesome and the low low price itself shock everyone at work. So in short, awesome sale, coming tomorrow, one day only. If you miss it don't say we didn't warn you with all the post we've been making. Hehe. #oceannailsupply #sale
What's your face when you see a good sale. We'll say this is a really cute one! Make sure you come back and visit us on the one day sale tomorrow. #oceannailsupply #sale
Looking forward to the "better than Black Friday" Sale tomorrow!! Who's ready for the 70--90% off retail on selected items! As always when you purchase from oceannailsupply.com you could use the hashtag #oceannailsupply to show us your creations! We are excited to have this customer appreciation sale coming up and really give back to the customer that has supported us along the way. Thank you everyone and be sure to come back tomorrow Friday Aug 18th, 2017. #sale
Swarovski crystals available on oceannailsupply.com . . . from @misslarge #oceannailsupply
Aurora mirror pigment and gossip gel available on oceannailsupply.com . . . from @chaunlegend #oceannailsupply
16 more hours to go!! We have the customer appreciation sale coming up on Friday 18th, 2017 for ONE DAY ONLY!! It ranges from 70-90% off on selected items only. While supply last. There's a limit per customer due to the fact we want to have more people get a chance to purchase the items on sale. Make sure you don't forget to set your alarm and come back to visit oceannailsupply.com to see what's in the sale section!! #oceannailsupply #sale