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Soon ✈️ #travelogue
Absolutely obsessed with this book cover. Can't wait to start reading it soon #asoiaf #got
Last night #dinnerwithfriends
When friends come to visit, you get them a fresh bouquet
This summer is all about flowers in my life #photographylovers
New buy: a liquid lipstick that can actually work as a nude for darker skin tones #happychild
Last week in this place #playingdoctor
Summer body prep
#currentlyobsessed ft. a new book, DKNY's body lotion and a velvet top
Flowa Powa 🌹 Just 2 weeks to go for holidays wahey
New phone, who dis #pinkalltheway
Eid Mubarak 🌙 #Eid2017 #desivibes
It's not Eid if there isn't cake! And cupcakes. #Eid2017
Eid Mubarak. Henna by me. #Eid2017
Baking: Indian style #eidprep
Hot days, hot foods
Fig season, it's officially begun #flashesofsummer