Nuz @nuzgram

Soon 💪🏽
First round of exams done, bring on next week
Cherry tomatoes with a hint of the pool I have yet to go into this summer
Clear waters #tb
Life goes on #qotd
Jeans, eh? #igersportugal #lisboa
Bloom where you are planted #flowergram
Let me move here #igersportugal
And you will #qotd
Day 21 of the #photoaday challenge is "Hard work", so here's a photo of me not working hard at all
Painted | day 19 of the May #photoaday challenge by @theidearoom is a belated birthday gift from my friend. Look at this #TARDIS, you guys! #whovian
Simple as that #motivation
Starting to like selfies again? #maybeilldeletethis #maybeiwont
One of those days #VegLife 🌿 On my plate | day 18, a few hours early, I know, but I feel bad that I'm neglecting this #photoaday challenge, so I'm back!
Mirchi 🌶
After nearly a week of clouds and rain, the sun is finally back
Christmas lights? Nah, just normal decor at a Moroccan restaurant