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If anyone is seeking an exciting immersive experience for kids or families, look no further than Accomplice’s Quest for the Seven Teeth. We spent hours on a puzzle filled hunt through Central Park - finding clues, completing tasks, and meeting hilarious characters. Bravo @accomplicetheshow and the talented cast for providing an experiential afternoon that we will remember for years. I encourage anyone looking for something unique to do with their family, or a group of kids, to check this out. Highly recommended! #questfortheseventeeth #adventuretheatre
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Haven't worn scrubs since '93. Now I'm back in 'em, helping @cignatogether save 100K lives. Here's our #ad... now #GoKnowTakeControl !
Celebrated a belated anniversary with @dbelicious at @mareanyc, a lovely dinner that culminated in this, errr, remarkably realized dessert.
This masochistic octet entered the horrors of This Is Real, a terrifying immersive escape room experience in Brooklyn. It fully felt like we were existing in an actual horror movie. Locked in cages, hiding for our lives. Panicking. Most of us died. I loved it. Great production values, heart pounding action, challenging puzzles. If this is your thing (and if you can somehow get a ticket), by all means go. Well played, @psycho_clan_nyc. Now I'm even more stoked for the Halloween season..!
Edie Windsor has passed away. Her fortitude, resilience, commitment, pride, and strength have allowed thousands of others well deserved happiness. May she rest in peace. #grateful
For our anniversary I gave David two awesome drawings by the remarkable @nicolasvsanchez. Both portraits are drawn with ballpoint pen! I'm truly amazed by his work... #thanks #grateful @dbelicious
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I got married three years ago today. Thanks, David, for choosing me. For challenging me. For creating a family with me. For being a safe space that I can call home. And for your bountiful love. Happy Anniversary. 💕 @dbelicious
Can't stop thinking about our Alaskan adventure. Lots of pics, please swipe and see. Thanks @withinthewild for providing memories that will last lifetimes. Truly a spectacular place!
David and Gideon in Alaska. #rainbow #love #grateful @dbelicious
Harper in Alaska. #love #grateful
Glacier goodness. #alaska
So proud of @inandofitself ! Find out more about the show and a few of my other NYC faves from my @giltcity collection!
Watching my family have experiences they will remember forever makes me love @disneyland and #disneycaliforniaadventure even more than I thought possible. Their commitment to quality entertainment is inspired and their dedication to creative ingenuity is inspiring. Thanks to all who work at this magical place. #grateful
David just monkeying around. @dbelicious @sdjneuro
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The food in New Orleans is renowned, and @cochon_nola is spectacular. Wood fired oysters with chile garlic butter, pork cheek with jalapeño corn salad, beets with avocado and radish, rabbit and dumplings in a cast iron skillet. Outrageously good. Bites of food that I will dream about for months...
Thanks for having me as your keynote speaker, Connect Marketplace! Fun times in the Big Easy - everyone was so welcoming and friendly. And (spoiler alert!) in 26 seconds something special will apparently be announced. #connectmp #neworleans