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@kingfundsthe1st new single ft me and @duke_dollas. Bio. 🔥
😂😂 "what u mean" is like the "damn I can't even say shit to all that true shit" phrase..I'm sorry tho 😘
Deer eat leaves?
#wce hey babe
Was having a bad day and this made me smile. Enjoy
Summer heating up
Happy g day bro bro
Haven't really watched TV in a few years and haven't watched basketball AT ALL but I watch the finals..if u know it's gonna be Cleveland and GS what's the point of watching the pregame? I hate LeBron for what he used to do to the Pistons but got mad respect for the same reason.. Cleveland in 7
Look at the g forces 😂
Angel 😢 rip 🙏😇 cam we praying for yo family my dude 😢😢