Nicky O'C

Nicky O'C @nickyoc

What makes me happy in lots of little squares

Prosecco and Pasta with the in laws 🤗
Mary and Joseph circa 1988 Love it when your fam find out old pics!
An alarming amount of meat.... 😲
Making the most of this beautiful day
Happy Friday 🤗
Happy Bank Holiday 🤗
Why, based on my love of R&B and Garage my Deezer has selected this as a song I might like to listen too, I have no idea.... 'Wooo hoo...'
Don't think Dan's happy that Dex keeps trying to 'help him make Lego...
Jinder Mahal's entrance always reminds me of the Big Boss and his jobbers on the last level of Streets of Rage
My little big headed boy
From Big Cats on the Maasi Mara to Geese in the Arbo....
Just a Lion eating a Giraffe.... Mario was clearly 'over it' by this point though 😂
What a stunning end to our Safari adventure. A lifetime of memories have been made
Sunrise over the Maasai Mara
What an incredible end to our first game drive across the Maasi Mara
Just a couple of Giraffe from our lodge balcony.... 😀
Fireside drinks to end a lovely evening
Home for the night