Utah Jazz In Nba Sim League

Utah Jazz In Nba Sim League @nba_jazz

Current standings
Jake Sergento has his best game of the season as Uconn blows out Purdue
Wechsler and Skrapits lead their team to a win against the Buckeyes
This was an epic showdown that happened on @tro2k17simleague live! Go watch that if you haven't already, I saved it. The #1 and #2 prospects go head to head and Dillon Flame prevailed. In his first game with his lowered overall he doesn't drop as many points but got that near trip dub. 20 rebounds too! AI Jr backed him up with 22 points. Chance Bennett got a double double with 27 and 10 rebounds. JC Collins had a nice game with 12 points, 15 rebounds and 8 assists. Who will go #1 in the draft? Chance? Dillon? Or someone else?
Some more games
Florida State beats out Duke
Hunter Skrapits and Henry Wechsler headline the starboard for the Fighting Irish as they blowout USC
Chance and JC don't do much as the Spartans are blown out by SMU
Despite Dillon Flames insane game, the Georgetown Hoyas couldn't get the win against the Miami Hurricanes.
Samuel Vieira is able to lead his team to a win against the stacked team of Duke where LaKendric Hyson had 41 points along with Payton MacDonalds contributions but they couldn't get it done.
Have Sergento drops 33 points and leads the Huskies to a big win in their first game against USC
John Windham and CJ Mcbuckets try their hardest but fall 3 points short to Villanova
Dillon Flame has an insane game!! Allen Iverson Jr also had a solid game as the Hoyas blow out the Bulldogs
Crazy game in North Carolina!! Chance Bennett drops 35 and 13 along with 4 steals and 5 blocks šŸ˜³JC Collins gets a triple double!! CJ Mcbuckets has 30 and 10 with 5 steals and 3 blocks. And John Windham has 25 and was 1 assist away from a double double. North Carolina walks away with the 2 point victory
Wechsler and Skrapots both have disappointing performances in a 3 point loss to Purdue
Lastly... the highest rated player Dillon Flame!!
Allen Iverson Jr