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'good 🌹enough' MERCH LINK BELOW (worldwide shipping) // Ethiopian #VT19

can we talk about the fact that @johngreenwritesbooks is wearing my shirt and anna kendrick is touching it
No Stress Summer '17
Gonna be in LA for Vidcon tomorrow!! Selling my shirts/decals there this week, Shoutout to everybody sending me pics wearing them cuz it make me feel amazing ❤️
yeezy yeezy yeezy what's good (enough)
New video out link in bio (cue "wow it hasn't even been 5 months" comments)
comment and tell me what you are most passionate about in life
Bacc in action
I'm really so happy right now. Y'all blew expectations out of the water for the merch and ordered 9x what the manufacturer expected me to sell on the first day. Just the fact that THAT many people wanted to cop what I made is so dope to me. They're trying to make more at a faster rate right now so please be patient (You can still order right now as backorder). This phrase means a lot to me and I seriously can't wait to see people wearing it on themselves 🌹
for those of us who have ever been told or felt like we're not good enough. 🌹 Merch out now! Link in bio! (Ships internationally)
Surprise: merch dropping tomorrow. comment if you ready. (this not the merch but some cool concepts made by @coletonphx) 🌹
this is my favorite thing I've ever created. deadass the most comfortable/meaningful shirt I own right now and I made it.
Ion got a clever caption or nothing I just wanna say life is amazing shoutout to God
new video link in bio!!
don't talk to me or my son ever again
here we glo again
long overdue 🇪🇹💫
sneak peek at the new Wonder Woman movie. happy mother's day to my rock ❤️
Habesha girls I love you ❤️