this scene in 13 Reasons Why was so powerful --- tag a friend they need to understand
what should I do wit this baby I just found
looking blue with Sav Brown
love throughout the years (2017-2016-2015) @doddleoddle
my shirts sold out at Vidcon I'm so happy :,) thank you guys they'll be online soon
my left stroke just went viral
i'm out here dressed like a pepsi logo where's kendall jenner ending police brutality when you need her
I'm 20 years old now. my anxiety been so bad recently that you can see on my hand I had to write "don't spiral" and on the inside I wrote "everything is fine". But everything deadass so great yall like I'm really alive I can't complain like I'm really in this thing living I love y'all
Hey guys, I teamed up with @therealgushers to tell a story that's #SoSourYoullCringe for the release of their Super Sour Gushers! What's your cringe story? #ad
do y'all want the rest of this new playlist
Teenage Fever
You are. // baseball caps coming soon ( @s.askiaseddon)