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Photo @lucalocatelliphoto I was lucky to be exclusively inside for @natgeotravel in the marvelous Palazzo Gangi in the historical centre of Palermo in Sicily, Italy. Here is the mirrors room, one of the most beautiful Baroque room ever decorated with this style. Here Luchino Visconti filmed the ball scene from his movie, il Gattopardo. The Baroque style exaggerates motion and clear, easily interprete detail to produce drama, tension, exuberance. The style began around 1600 in Rome and Italy, and spread to most of Europe. Follow me to see more from #sicily and my stories #gattopardo #luchinovisconti #italy #mirrors #palermo #unesco #unescocity
Photo by @christian_foto ( Christian Rodriguez ) on assignment for @natgeo in Bolivia. View of La Paz, Bolivia. La Paz is the seat of government of the Plurinational State of Bolivia. The city, located in west-central Bolivia, 68 km (42 mi) southeast of Lake Titicaca, is set in a valley created by the Choqueyapu River and sits in a bowl-like depression surrounded by the high mountains of the altiplano. At an elevation of roughly 3,650 m (11,975 ft) above sea level. Due to its altitude, La Paz has an unusual subtropical highland climate, with rainy summers and dry winters. Christian Rodriguez @christian_foto for @natgeo in Bolivia. #lapaz #Bolivia
📸 @johnkernickphotography Beach huts at Calshot on the Solent in Hampshire. Beach huts have evolved from the wheeled bathing machines used by Victorians to preserve their modesty. Queen Victoria installed one at Osbourne House, not far from Calshot on the Isle of Wight in the 1840s. In the early 20th century, beach huts were regarded as "holiday homes for the toiling classes", but in the 1930s their image revived. During World War II all UK beaches were closed, the reopening in the late 1940s and 1950s led to resurgence of the British beach holiday and the heyday of the Beach Hut. Today these small huts, in the right area can sell for over £275,000, quite a difference from the £12 a year rental in Bournemouth in the early 1900's. . . . . #ukcountryside #beachhuts #calshotbeach #beachlife #johnkernickphotography
@FransLanting A herd of giraffes strides through grassland in the Namib-Naukluft National Park in Namibia. In 1990 this young nation in the southwest corner of Africa became one of the first countries in the world to include environmental protection in its constitution, and its progressive policies have led to a resurgence of wildlife. We salute organizations like the World Wildlife Fund Namibia, who actively partner with the government and local organizations to blend the needs of people and wildlife. Follow me @FransLanting for more images of endangered wildlife and wild places around the world. @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #Giraffe #Namibia #wildlife #protection #naturelovers #resurgence
An Egyptian man rests his head on his beloved camel in the desert near Cairo. Follow @amivitale for more stories from around the world. @natgeo @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #climatechange #conservation #natureisspeaking #savetheplanet #cairo #egypt #camels #photooftheday #photojournalism #amivitale
Photo by @erikaskogg - The Scandinavian heritage within the upper midwest states of the U.S. is preserved and visible through tourism and Scandinavian themed restaurants like the one found in #DoorCounty #Wisconsin where you can enjoy meals served in a Swedish countryside setting with girls in traditional folk costumes.
Video by @bertiegregory. The biggest fish in the world, the whale shark. Despite being a shark that can grow over 12m long (40ft) and weigh over 20 tonnes, they don't have big teeth. Instead, they have about 3000 very very tiny teeth. Similarly to the baleen whales (e.g. humpbacks), they are filter feeders. Here you can see this huuuge individual sucking in a big mouthful of water to extract the plankton. This whale shark was part of the largest known aggregation of whale sharks on the planet off the coast of Mexico. Shot for @natgeo and @stevewinterphoto. Follow at @bertiegregory for more videos of these giants!
Photo by JimRichardsonNG Morning in Inverie, the remote community on the west coast of Scotland with no road in or out. Famous for the Old Forge Pub and general peacefulness in abundance. Popular amongst yaughters who stop overnight for a pint and dinner. Aboard the Lord of the Glens. @natgeo @natgeoexpeditions @lindbladexp @natgeocreative
Photo by @CristinaMittermeier // For decades, the Tibetan minorities of Southwestern China, like these women from the Mosuo ethnic group in Yunnan, have endured marginalization and ethnocide. I felt privileged to spend time with the Mosuo people, an ethnic group that is particularly interesting because they are a matriarchy in which women are often the head of the house. Inheritance is decided through the female line, and women are he ones who make business decisions. In every matter of life, it is the matriarch who decides the fate of everyone in her household. As someone who really appreciates strong female leadership, I really enjoyed the time I spent in the company of these gentle and beautiful women. Their dresses, their language, their relationship to each other and to nature, hold great fascination for me. Enjoy more images of women from around the world on my #instagram feed at @CristinaMittermeier @NatGeoCreative | #girlpower | #girlup | #beauty | #china | #中国 #中國
Photo @lucalocatelliphoto while on assignment for @natgeotravel in Sicily, Italy. Here I was in Ortygia a small island which is the historical centre of the city of Syracuse, Sicily. The island contains many historical landmarks and it's surrounded by crystal water sea. Follow me @lucalocatelliphoto to see more about my stories #sicily #italy #ortygia #syracuse #beach #sea #drone #dronephotography
Photo by @babaktafreshi The World at Night project A lone fisherman sits under the full moon rising through the clouds, over the Atlantic Ocean. Photographed on August 9 from North Shore of Boston. After the photo was taken I realized the mood of Edward Hopper paintings in the image and how I could be unconsciously inspired by his art while framing this shot. In 1912 he traveled to Gloucester and did his first outdoor paintings in America, not far from my imaging location. He continued to create many of his outdoor paintings in New England. @natgeocreative @natgeo #newengland #moon #fullmoon #nightphotography #fishing #fishinglife #EdwardHopper #lynnma #boston #massachusetts
Video by @BertieGregory. A flamingo takes flight to spend the day feeding in the north of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Thanks to these charismatic birds, a reserve was setup which now not only protects the flamingoes but a huge diversity of other species in this coastal area. This is a great example of using a charismatic species to save the entire food chain in an area. This was filmed from a blind with special permission from the reserve authorities. Shot for @stevewinterphoto and @natgeo. Follow @bertiegregory to see a drone aerial of the whole flamboyance!
📸 @johnkernickphotography beach chairs and umbrellas cover the beach in Positano on Italy's Amalfi coast. It's a busy town and very popular with tourists durning the summer months. For a time during the early twentieth century Positano was a relatively poor fishing village. It began to attract large numbers of tourists in the 1950s, partly due to John Steinbeck publishing his essay about Positano in Harper's Bazaar in May, 1953: "Positano bites deep", Steinbeck wrote. "It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone. . . . . #positano #italy #beaches #johnkernickphotography
Photo: @ChrisBurkard Alaska has always captured my attention due to the extremities of its landscapes. The string of the Aleutians islands is located in one of the world’s most dramatic volcanic regions, the Ring of Fire. This peninsula houses 29 active volcanoes, ancient villages, and some of the best fishing opportunities. These islands are home to around 8,000 natives. If you find yourselves out here and are daring enough, take a jump in the ocean, watch the waves, or take a boat trip around the strand of volcanoes.
A Buddhist monk enters the formidable doors of Trongsa Dzong, the ancestral home of Bhutan's monarchy. The Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan has sat in isolation for thousands of years and only recently been thrust into the glare of modern times after centuries of solitude. This Buddhist kingdom, high in the Himalayas, had no paved roads until the 1960s, was off-limits to foreigners until 1974, and launched television only in 1999.  In 1972, the country stop relying on Gross Domestic Product as the best indicator of Bhutan’s progress in favor of “Gross National Happiness.” So if you want to visit the happiest place on earth, put Bhutan on your travel bucket list. . Bhutan has put environmental conservation at the heart of its political agenda. It’s pledged to remain carbon neutral, made it law that 60% of the country must remain forested for future generations, banned plastic bags, instituted a monthly pedestrian day that bans all private vehicles from its roads, and  announced its intention to become the world’s first 100-percent organic-farming nation. It goes without saying that the countryside is breathtakingly beautiful and pristine. Follow me @amivitale for more stories from around the world.   #bhutan #buddhism #asia   #amivitale @natgeo @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #seetheworld   #photooftheday #photojournalism
Photo by @TimLaman. A winter sunset over a frozen Walden Pond. When you aren’t able to travel, try exploring somewhere close to home. In celebration of Henry David Thoreau’s 200th birthday on July 12, I’m sharing a series of photos from Walden Pond. To see more visit @TimLaman. #HenryDavidThoreau, #Thoreau, #WaldenPond, #WaldenPondProject, #NewEngland, #Massachusetts, @NatGeoCreative
Photo by @cristinamittermeier // Diving in the company of hundreds of southern fur seals is truly unforgettable. The underwater gardens of the Falklands' archipelago are some of the best and least known diving spots in the world. To see more #offthebeatenpath Destinations #followme at @cristinamittermeier. @natgeo @natgeocreative #photography #underwaterphotography #naturelover
Photo by @babaktafreshi The World at Night project Clouds dissipate into a starry night of Kilimanjaro. Earlier this month I posted a still photo of this scene and here it is in timelapse motion. The southern Milky Way, Carina Nebula, and the Large Magellanic Cloud (a neighboring galaxy) appear above the Roof of Africa. These gems of the southern sky are easily visible to unaided eyes in a dark sky. Follow me @babaktafreshi for more of our planet’s wonders at night. @natgeocreative @natgeo #amboseli #kenya #tanzania #africa #kilimanjaro #mountains #nightsky #magellanicclouds #astronomy #stargazing #astrophotography #nightphotography
Photo by @michaelclarkphoto // Reflection of the Panamint mountains in the pools at Badwater Point in Death Valley National Park, California. #california #deathvalley #badwater
Photo @stephen_matera // The Alaska Range and tundra in the fall, Denali National Park, Alaska. Fall comes early in the arctic. Beginning in early September the tundra and dwarf willow begin to change color, creating a mosaic of amazing color. Follow me @stephen_matera for more images like this from Alaska and around the world. #denali #nationalpark #autumn #alaskarange