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He doesn't need Intellect because he's fueled by rage.
Should I rate serious Tobi, or just skip to War Obito?
Naruto's next rating will have the green "+" numbers. I just made this one a little earlier than CM Sasuke.
The green + numbers are there to indicate the improvement from his previous rating. The badge "Dojutsu" should be here, I forgot to include it again.
I'm wondering if I should drop Curse Mark Sasuke or Sage Mode Naruto next. 😌
Need suggestions for another rating!!
Wow, with an ability like that, you'd think he'd be unstoppable.
Rinne God! 💨
If I get 8K likes or more, I'll drop a rating that'll have you saying "Really?!"
Would you want to be the greatest using one Chakra nature, or have all but be decent with them?
Would you bring back both of Kakashi's Mangekyo Sharingan in exchange for Sasuke's Rinnegan?
Ero-Sennin 🐸
Minato Namikaze!! ⚡
Uchiha Madara!!
Happy birthday to the character that should have lost to Pain. 😳
A God amongst men.
More Akatsuki members to come.
Please do me a favor and not just look at overall rating. Look at his individual stats & badges. I admit that his Intellect should be a bit higher though. Kakashi's a monster but I needed to put realistic ratings, so expect lower overalls please. I don't feel like arguing in the comments. Kakashi will be getting another rating later on.