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My attempt to navigate parenthood in the sandpit with a sense of humor and a bottle of wine! Based in Dubai β€’ Lived in Australia β€’ Made in Ireland

100% honored to have been given a highly commended award tonight and so thankful to everyone for the loving support! I felt like Cinderella at the ball and just made it home in time (11:57pm to be exact) to relieve the babysitter, remove the bra, pack the lunches and set the alarm for 5:45am because you know what? A mamas work is never done! Just hoping this bump doesn't stay awake with the sugar overload... Sweet dreams πŸ™ŒπŸΌ #parentingtheshitoutoflife #tokawards #mydubai
Dubai's next pop group? I think so!! What do ya think @lisascottlee1 can we own that stage? Bump in, boobs out, big smiles! We rock πŸ™ŒπŸΌ #someonesignus #popstarqueens #mydubai #tokawards
Myself and @nessahurley are here and reporting live on #instastories on our adventures at our first @timeoutdubai #tokawards Excitement and Nerves but mainly giggles with my disney loving partner ❀️ #tokawards #mydubai #biglove Big thanks to @loveshoppraydubai for my gorgeous dress!!!
Popped into my favourite interiors store @maisonsdumondeme for the grand opening this morning and fell in love all over again! French chic, super stylish and so affordable! They make it so easy to walk in and style a whole room without thinking about it (amazing for sleep deprived mamas). The best part is the affordable prices... One shop that Mr O cannot give out about! This gorgeous find was only 50dhs 🌡 #iwillbeback #timeandtimeagain #maisonsdumonde
Took a break from sneezing today to go select a dress for tomorrow nights #tokawards at the beautiful @loveshoppraydubai and can I just say - I want everything in the shop. You know... Just incase Santy is listening! Big thanks to the girls for dressing this pregnant mama it was no easy task I'm sure and yet they picked a dress that I love πŸ™ŒπŸΌ #loveshoppray #praytosanthatis #shoppingheaven
Missing my Littles. This mama has had to admit defeat this long weekend and stay in bed. Sometimes you have to listen to your body and let go. I let go of all duties and let Mr O take over! Thanks to @privilee_uae for keeping them entertained 🌺 #myprivilee #privilee #mydubai
I am so offended when my body decides to be sick... I gave you a vegetable last week! What more could you want??? In all seriousness though, do you ever feel like you're in season 5 of your life and the writers are just doing outrageous shit to keep things interesting? Really hoping season 6 is a cracker 🌿 #sickofbeingsick #eucalyptuslove #timeforabath
Pumpkin spice and everything nice πŸ‘» Preparations for Halloween are underway! Apparently nobody wants to be anything spooky this year. Big little love wants to be Pebbles or Wilma Flinstone and the littlest love wants to be the "Chocolate Princess" from a Disney movie she can't remember. Cheers Aoibhie πŸ˜‚ #40sleeps #halloweencountdown #mydubai
COMPETITION TIME πŸŽ‰ New post on the blog about my favorite Raw company in Dubai! They believe "you should not put products on your skin that you wouldn't put in your mouth!" All products are handmade with love! To win a Raw Sensations Hamper simply: 1. Like @mylittlelovesblog 2. Like @rawsensations 3. Tag a friend you think would enjoy this prize This competition will be open for one week, with winners notified shortly after it closes! Best of luck Mama's ❀️ #glowingskinisalwaysinfashion #mydubai #supportlocalbusiness
When a gorgeous new brand comes to town and you just have to scream their name from the roof tops! Welcome to life @twenty5zero5 I am so happy that my white, freckled complexion has found something super stylish yet follows my rules of 'slip, slop, slap!' Mama's go check them out πŸ‘’ #smallbusiness #supportsmallbusiness #mydubai
Gorgeous evening celebrating @glamboxme with my irish tribe ☘️ Who knew going back to school would be so much fun!? @tishtashtalks Knows how to throw a great party!!! #backtoschool #glamboxme #irisharealwaysthelasttoleave
Model for a day! I now have a new found respect for models. It actually isn't as easy at it looks πŸ˜‚ Thanks to my favorite maternity brand @mummyista for choosing me to be apart of the fun and to @loesjekesselsphotography for being such a relaxed & reassuring photographer... They made me feel totally at ease and I cannot wait to see the photos ❀️ #modelforaday #stylishbump #pregnantmama @gracies_makeover for the makeover πŸ’•
"A moment in my tummy... A life time in my heart!" October is Pregnancy & Infant Awareness Month around the globe and around the end of September every year I feel a little sad for those passed... No matter how early on and those still living with the struggle. New post up on the blog - link in profile πŸ•Š #pregnancylossawareness #october #bekindmamas
Back to school. Back to normality. Back to work - at least the first meeting of the day is full of beauty 🌺 #blackbeauty #happysunday #mydubai
When your having so much fun with friends that days turn into evenings way to fast and weekends slip through your fingers (boo)! We appear to be in Thailand here thanks to The Polo Club for turning on the gorgeous switch! A little slice of heaven around the corner from home 🌺🌴🍹 #mythaibeauties #iwishihadawine #myprivilee
We need more girls like Pippi in this world 🌍 Clever Boy or Pretty Girl... can you be both?? @mothercareuk you need to sort this out ASAP!! My attempt to raise two girls to be adventurous,smart, brave and kind individuals is becoming harder and harder when I can't even by an outfit to show off their incredible attributes! My Little's bedrooms prove that whilst they do love all things pink, sparkly and unicorn related. We also love to read, write songs, use their own minds and have a big love for space mobiles! Why oh why does every item in your shop want to make boys brainy space leading dinasour experts whilst the girls will only strive to "make the world a prettier place?" We would love to see some catchier qoutes on your T's that will promote strong beautiful women, encourage clever girls and if there's a small bit of glitter - well that's just a bonus πŸ™ŒπŸΌ #belikepippi #unimpressedmama #girlsvsboys #strugglingtofindgoodclothes
This is Littlered's "YAY we signed up to @privilee_uae face!" Time to see what all the fuss is about 🐠 #whatdreamsaremadeof #privilee #mydubai #myprivilee
I am now just over 21 weeks and have lost 6.5kilos since before I became pregnant. Happy or proud of this? No. Do I have a bump? Yes, I do. Do I worry that baby is not getting all the nutrients they need? Yes! Reassurance from DR still doesn't make you worry any less as a Mama... #newpostonblog #linkinprofile #hypermesisgravidarum
I am soooo exhausted today! Between work, school drop offs/pick ups in 45c heat (lets not talk about the rotten wet humidity) and trying to organize my life and house out... Tonight on the schedule is a cold bubble bath, smothering my body in @lushmiddleeast & Gilmore Girls reruns on @netflixmena ... Never been so excited about bed time πŸ› #sleepyiamsosleepy #bubblemeup #lavendereverything