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As the sun slowly sets on another blissful #MyDubai day, it’s moments like these with old and new friends on unique terrains and unusual forms of transport that you’ll always cherish 😍 It never hurts to snap a photo, wave to all your fans and tag @MyDubai too 😉 📸 @lucaspagephotography
Whether you’re on two feet or two hands like @johnnyedlind, discover a world away from the everyday at Atlantis The Palm and immerse yourself in magical moments 😍✨ #MyDubai
As we come closer to the one year anniversary of the Dubai Water Canal, we can all celebrate how our #love for #MyDubai winds its way through our hearts ❤️️ 📸 @capturedblinks
“Wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen 💕” - not only is this view of #MyDubai breathtaking, @secretsquirrelfood’s inspiring quote is exactly what we need to start another #beautiful day ☀️
Set goals. Work towards them. Smash them 🥊 @DubaiFitnessChallenge kicks off in 4 days. Are you ready #MyDubai? #Dubai30x30 📸 @ajmarshall1312
The sight of the glistening lights will surely get you starry-eyed and prepare your appetite for a night at the #DubaiOpera💫✨ #MyDubai 📸 @neros119
Another beautiful day, #MyDubai - style👌🏻 @followtheraven has just the right ingredients for a perfect Saturday🏊🏻.
Let's get moving #MyDubai! Only 7 days to go until the @DubaiFitnessChallenge kicks off. Are you ready? #Dubai30x30 📸 @joelsparkour
#MyDubai is for the thinkers, the doers, the dreamers and the achievers. Feed off the energy, so real you can almost reach out and touch it. 📸 @tgfromdubai
When embarking on a #MyDubai beach day, you're never truly fully equipped without a smile, a giant inflatable pineapple and a watermelon! 📸 Tropical #vibes are courtesy of @jetset_jen 🍍
It’s about time for another day of #discovery in #MyDubai 🐎 📸 @asil.ab
An attraction that delights and captures the imaginations of thousands of visitors every day, is just another reason why #MyDubai is simply👌🏻 Can you guess how high the #fountains reach? ⛲️ 📸 @dubai.uae.dxb
For those of us who have visited the #OldSouq, we all have our own stories to share ❤️️ #MyDubai 📸 @traffic_jaam
@karenmattar's caption is perfection: "Keep shining your light ✨“ - wouldn’t you agree? #MyDubai 📸 @genyvb
Embrace those good vibes like @fitterstronger has 🤸 Sun up or sun down, challenge your mind, body and soul with 30 minutes of exercise for 30 days starting 20 Oct 👌 Follow @dubaifitnesschallenge for more. #Dubai30x30 #MyDubai
Good #vibes happen on the tides 🌊👀 Look beyond the surface - or below 😉 - and you'll see a whole new world filled with magic and secret wonders. ✨ #MyDubai 📸 @jayspot
HH @Faz3 shows us what every weekend should include: fun in the sun, a clear blue sea and an adventurous spirit☀️💦 Put on those life jackets, your #MyDubai story is waiting to be written!
@joeffreyjayona couldn’t be happier to have explored the dunes with these #MyDubai desert dwellers - after all, friendships come in all shapes and forms ❤️️
Good morning! ☀️ Let this amazing photo by @albertoavalis serve as inspiration to make the most of all that this city has to offer! 😍 From exploring wonders like Palm Jumeirah to striking a pose mid-air, there’s never a dull moment in #MyDubai!
Can’t argue with that. A photo that sums up how we all feel. We ❤️ #MyDubai. 📸 @ketijaline