Cooper The Rescue Pup

Cooper The Rescue Pup @my.captain.cooper

Border collie Basenji mix 🐾cutie by day, munchkin by night ⛰ live, love, adventure. 💌 for inquiries & reviews

Happy because it's finally the weekend! What are some of your favorite accounts?
What is your favorite place? Mine is any place with a nice view and a good stump to climb on! Wearing a bandana from @napavalleypetstyle
Living the dream! QOTD: what are some of your fav shops? My mom wants to buy some items for me! Lady llama bandana from @napavalleypetstyle. And yes, a boy can wear pink!
When you are beyond pampered and a happy camper. QOTD: what are you doing this summer? We got new photos! What do you think? Bandana by @napavalleypetstyle
Sit still look pretty! Took some amazing photos with my friend Ellie today! Can't wait to post them starting tomorrow!!!! 😍
Mom, I'm done with taking photos right now. I really really want to get off this stump thing and go for a walk. Can we go yet?? My mom has her own shop @napavalleypetstyle. She makes doggie things for all of us! Go tell your mommy or daddy to get some and we can twin!!
When you see bæ! We are back and will be super active all through the summer and beyond! What do you want to see on our acc?
Explore forever! I'm so sorry for being so active. It's been too hot to get photos for a while, but tomorrow is supposed to be cooler so we can finally get more! Should we start modeling again??
Throwback Thursday to one of my favorite photos of Cooper! We have having really nice weather so we will take more photos today and be more active! Should we go live later?! Make sure to check out my shop @napavalleypetstyle. If you order, be sure to tell me for a surprise!!
Happy Mother's Day to all the dogs moms out there! ❤️ Cooper
I'm so sorry we haven't been active lately. Cooper went to the vet on Thursday to get what we thought was a foxtail out of his nose. They did not find that, but another part of a plant. My poor pup is still recovering and sneezing every time he goes outside for minutes on end sometimes. I won't be as active until he is fully recovered and is feeling better. Cooper means the world to me, so as long as he needs to recover I will be with him ❤️
Mom, is that a treat?! QOTD: how many animals do you have? We are SO SORRY for being soooo inactive! We are back and will have new photos soon! Check out my shop @napavalleypetstyle
As some of you may know, I have recently begun a company called @napavalleypetstyle, making stylish and affordable accessories for pups and more! My company is different because it is ran mainly by a girl who had dreamed of this since she is 5 and achieving her dreams at a young age. My main goal besides to create products and a happy experience is to inspire others to dream big. Whatever ideas you have, it is never too soon to try them! Be that person that someone looks up to and says "wow! I want to be them someday!" We just reached 20 sales, so we are hoping to reach 25+ soon! In the first week of June, me along with two friends will be presenting the experience of a teenage entrepreneur to show what we are doing and inspire others. We want to see what you want to do! If you have read this far, thank you! We hope you check out my shop!!
#throwback to a year ago when I didn't have a camera. Has my photography improved? Please check out my shop @napavalleypetstyle!
Since y'all requested more of Reilly, here he is! QOTD: what type of photos should I take of Cooper today? Please check out my shop @napavalleypetstyle
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This is Reilly, my grandmas dog. If you saw my stories these past days, he was in it! Do you want to see more photos of him? We will have new photos of Cooper tomorrow to enjoy! Reminder: we are having a HUGE giveaway at 5k! Please check out my shop @napavalleypetstyle
Something amazing happened today, we reached FOUR THOUSAND FOLLOWERS!!! When I first began this account last March, my main goal was to make friends and show my photos of my dog. From 1 to 2 to 3 to 4,000 followers has really become a dream into reality! I've met so many amazing people and dogs through this account and created so many memories. This is particularly special to me because my dog, a border collie rescue mix, is who I am photographing, and you all actually want to see him! It makes me smile 100 times a day when I see someone comment on my photo, DM me from my story or ask for advice, or even follow me because I know that you will support me! Thank you!!! We will have a special giveaway for all of you soon! May the journey to 5,000 followers and beyond begin! Ps. I'm sorry if I forgot to tag you!
Mom, the easter bunny just went by. Can I go chase him? Happy Easter to all of you! What are you doing to celebrate? Love my leash from @napavalleypetstyle
If you let me sleep till Friday I'll be a happy pup! QOTD: when is your spring break, did you already have it? Please check out my shop @napavalleypetstyle