Cooper The Rescue Pup

Cooper The Rescue Pup @my.captain.cooper

Border collie Basenji mix 🐾cutie by day, munchkin by night ⛰ live, love, adventure. 💌 for inquiries & reviews

When you want the weekend to come! Bandana from @napavalleypetstyle #jhmodelsearch17 #caninecollectablesmodel Hi! My name is Sydney and I have a dog named Cooper. We would LOVE to work with your company! Cooper has 1 tag from you and wears if on his collar 24/7. I would also love to help you out with adding more products or thinking of designs. Thank you for reading! (Also, am I late? 😂) @caninecollectables
Smile to make the world a better place! Bandana @napavalleypetstyle
It's time for our @Chewy review! For July we received some Chicken Soup for the Soul Treats! First off, I would like to say that these are Cooper's favorite treats EVER! He went CRAZY for them! Most of this heart disappeared in less than a minute when I was taking photos! I give chewy and these treats a 10/10!
A little look at some of the photography I have been working on! Don't worry, Cooper and I are going out today! Super excited to take a bunch of our @jordhund, @wagalot, and @rowdys.bowties gear with us! Any ideas?! #jhmodelsearch17
Really mom? Taking photos of me now? I'm just trying to play! Bandana by @napavalleypetstyle Toy: in my overflowing toy bin
Attempting to show my good side while staring at the mail man across the corner 👀 What's your favorite place to get happy mail from? Mine are @jordhund @hanky_dukes @napavalleypetstyle @wagalot @rowdy_the_pit and many others!
When you just want to be left alone and enjoy the weekend Bandana by the amazing @jordhund Review coming tomorrow!!
Why not post another Fourth of July photo in our amazing @jordhund bandana? 😍 Tomorrow we will be posting our first review in a while! Who's excited?! One of my favorite companies 😍 Bandana is from @jordhund. Make sure to go checkout this shop! Amazing quality and the best products!! #Jhmodelsearch17
Happy Fourth of July! Rocking my bandana from @jordhund. Make sure to go check out their shop! #Jhmodelsearch17
When you want the weekend to come faster... QOTD: what are you doing this weekend? Bandana: @napavalleypetstyle #Jhmodelsearch17
Cooper you mean so much to me. From the moment we reached you till now, you have changed my life. I didn't know what it was like to have a companion who is always there for you. I didn't know what it was like to have a pup that made me smile and laugh. You have taught me to be brace, strong, passionate, and to love. Without you, I wouldn't have created @napavalleypetstyle. I wouldn't have someone to go on midnight walks with. I wouldn't have my best friend. Days like this seem hard, impossible, and scary. When you are with be I feel so much better. I'm my face lights up when I see you happy and I get sad when I see th upset. I can't wait to spend more time with you, bonding and making memories I will never forget. You make me laugh. You make me smile more than ever before. ❤️your partner in crime
Hello @jordhund, My name is Cooper and I am a rescue pup. I love to model everything I can! My favorite thing in the morning is picking out my bandana and going to take photos in it with my sis! I would be a great model for you because my sis takes awesome photos of me and I lobe to model! I never leave the house without an accessory, so your accessories would be shown on all of our adventures! We have 2 bow ties and 2 bandanas coming from you in the mail soon and I am ecstatic to get them!! Sis says I get to wear one at a wedding! I have always loved your shop and drooled over all of your awesome bandanas, tagandas, bow ties, and those new cork collars!! I hope you choose me as your next model! #jhmodelsearch17
Happy because it's finally the weekend! What are some of your favorite accounts?
What is your favorite place? Mine is any place with a nice view and a good stump to climb on! Wearing a bandana from @napavalleypetstyle #Jhmodelsearch17
Living the dream! QOTD: what are some of your fav shops? My mom wants to buy some items for me! Lady llama bandana from @napavalleypetstyle. And yes, a boy can wear pink!
When you are beyond pampered and a happy camper. QOTD: what are you doing this summer? We got new photos! What do you think? Bandana by @napavalleypetstyle
Sit still look pretty! Took some amazing photos with my friend Ellie today! Can't wait to post them starting tomorrow!!!! 😍
Mom, I'm done with taking photos right now. I really really want to get off this stump thing and go for a walk. Can we go yet?? My mom has her own shop @napavalleypetstyle. She makes doggie things for all of us! Go tell your mommy or daddy to get some and we can twin!!
When you see bæ! We are back and will be super active all through the summer and beyond! What do you want to see on our acc?
Explore forever! I'm so sorry for being so active. It's been too hot to get photos for a while, but tomorrow is supposed to be cooler so we can finally get more! Should we start modeling again??