Eddie J. Smith III

Eddie J. Smith III @mr.smith3

▪️27 ▪️Dad ▪️Entrepreneur ▪️Co-Founder of Grow Global, Inc. ▪️Influencer ▪️Instagram Expert ▪️Business Consultant

Wow, where is this?
Friends and family we need support not skepticism in our pursuit.
Would you do whatever takes for your family? 🤔
Looks about right.. what are your thoughts?
Do you sit around waiting for leads to come to you? You're losing deals by doing so!
How my brain would look on paper... 🙈
Looks about right in today's society.. what are your thoughts? 🤔💭
Focus is the vehicle that takes your visions and turns them into reality! What are you focused on? 🤔💭💡
Believe in the "impossible". Live out of your comfort zones. Be your own damn superhero . ✊️
Is this you? Free yourself from the 9-5 slavery...if you don't know how, just ask! 🙏
Love is a special bond. Tag your love ❤️
Life is full of opportunities if you open your mind up. Learn to find problems that you can provide solutions too. 🔑
Stay on the constant grind and everything falls into place. No one can hold you back!
Love Chicago in the summer ❤️
You'll go as far as your vision will take you. How far that is depends on how far you dare to dream. If you absolutely pour your heart and soul into a goal you will one day get there 🙏
Tried Orange Theory recently and I can already see an improvement. Do you use that kind of training?
Damn is this what love is now? What are your thoughts? 🤔
Sometimes you have to put in that work 💪 What do you do to stay healthy?
Which are you? I'd rather build a team of all stars and dominate than have a room full of bench players. 🤔
The bond between a father and his daughter is unbreakable. ❤️👨‍👧