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John Waters' adopted child. #vegan since 1987 #animalrights #animalliberation #impeachtrump -CIRCLE V November 18!-

Such a fun lil exercise.
Hahaha, from @reptedlieu the comedic genius of the house
Just thought I'd point this out to the few people out there with i.q's lower than Trump's.
Per your request, a Trump/Republican flow chart. @gop @realdonaldtrump
Whenever a man is guilty of being a sexual predator it is repulsive and horrifying. But when that man is caught bragging about sexual assault on tape and is then elected president of the United States it is fucking apocalyptic. So Republicans, spare us your outrage, as you voted for #trump , who said 'I tried to fuck her, she was married. Grab 'em by the pussy, when you're a star you can do anything'. You rescind your right to take the moral high ground on anything when you elect someone who openly brags about sexual assault. @realdonaldtrump @gop
this year’s circle v will be on november 18, and will be my only live show of the year. and, as always, 100% of my fee will go to mercy for animals. there will also be a ton of amazing speakers, artists, musicians, and food vendors. please look at for info and tickets! thanks, moby
Hey look, a handy #vegan flow chart.
Must've been so much fun playing drums before they invented rock and roll.
You can tell from my serious face that I'm having a serious cup of coffee and then tonight I will wonder why I can't sleep because I'm seriously dumb but coffee is so good foul temptress I hate you I love you I'm so confused. ☕️
Glad to see @buckleythehighlandcow is helping out around the barn.
For what it's worth, you inspire me. Whether you're an #animalrights activist or a #humanrights activist or an #environmental activist or a #racialjustice activist or a #womensrights activist or an #lgbtqap activist or any other smart, progressive, passionate activist. Seeing your posts and reading your words inspires me, and others, every day. These are very dark days, and sometimes people are tempted to give up. But please know that if you're working to make the world a better, kinder, more rational, and more compassionate place; you're deeply and profoundly appreciated. By me and countless others. Thank you. Ps a reminder: we need unity, and to support one another. In these dark and crucial times there is no room for in-fighting.
I had the honor of attending an @laanimalsave vigil last night, to give water and a moment of kindness to pigs before they're led to slaughter. It's unspeakably powerful, and I highly recommend attending if you're able to. But it also reminded me that there is absolutely no place for pettiness and in-fighting in the #animalrights movement. We work for the animals, not our egos. Our work is too important to be compromised by gossip, slander, malice, or in-fighting. The animals need us and our unity, not our egos. #animalrights #animalliberation picture @chefitophoto
The nice people at @ted and @tedx_official and @lucywalkerfilm asked me to do a Tedx talk. And I just finished giving it. I spoke about what's most important to me, which is animal activism. I touched on the apocalyptic stats surrounding animal agriculture, that animal agriculture is the second leading cause of #climatechange , that 75% of #antibioticresistance comes from animal agriculture, the role of animal agriculture in cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's, and obesity. That 90% of rainforest deforestation is a result of animal agriculture. But ultimately I said that my animal activism is inspired by love. My unconditional love for all animals. And my belief that every animal simply wants to live it's own life, free from pain and suffering. #animalrights #animalliberation ps that's Tucker the cat and George the misanthropic dachshund on the screen behind me. @animalechochamber
This little baby squirrel has adopted @littlepinerestaurant ...he's adorable and we love him, but we think he should have a better home than our parking lot. Any suggestions?
Good morning.
I try not to judge, but any human who hurts an animal is bad. #animalrights @vetpaw
Good morning.
Hooray California and @jerry_brown_gov for passing and signing AB485 into law! Now pet stores in California can ONLY sell dogs, cats, and rabbits who come from rescues and shelters!! @socialcompassion @bestfriendsanimalsociety @humanesociety @animalechochamber
I just can't get enough of Dragonlord the piglet... @boochaces @albaparis #animalrights #animalliberation @animalechochamber