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Our ultimate goal is for each amp we build to meet and exceed the tonal expectations of performing artists on stages of all sizes, around the world. So when Clint Chandler of @LadyAntebellum hit us with the following message, it made our day… “So last night we walked up to side stage, about to go on, and I find the techs scrambling because something in my pedal board had gone amiss. They bypassed a few potential culprits but no luck. I still had a loud hum instead of sound. Well, not wanting to hold the show up I said screw it, just run me from wireless straight into the Lone Star. I gave the thumbs up and we started the show and man...let me tell you....the Lone Star did NOT let me down. Being able to channel switch and having a great verb built in made it entirely possible to do the whole show without a hitch. I couldn't have done it without that amp. It truly is irreplaceable. Thanks again!!!” Thank you for sharing your experience Clint!
@theafghanwhigs current Mesa stage setup with custom grilles from the album artwork of their May 2017 release, In Spades. Whigs singer and guitarist Greg Dulli plays Lone Star 2x12 combos while bassist John Curley is playing the Big Block 750 into a Mesa Vintage 8x10 cabinet. Afghan Whigs are touring in Europe now and will tour throughout North America starting in September. Check out the new album and see the band live for an outstanding show!  #mesaartist  #afghanwhigs Photo: Patrick Higgins
Introducing the MESA Rosette™ Acoustic Series: The Rosette™ 300 / Two:Eight Acoustic Combo and the Rosette™ Acoustic DI-Preamp. The sincerity and perfection of acoustic instrument sound requires no enhancement when amplified – just authentic reproduction. In the Rosette Series, we combine 50 years of amplifier-design experience with time-tested circuits and premium parts, components, and materials to create what we feel is the most accurate acoustic instrument amplification available today. Playing acoustic instruments amplified can enhance the tone and feel of your musical experience beyond just loudness. The Rosette Series offers unmatched power and performance in acoustic amplification for live performance, recording, or home use. Demo videos live at
Tone Sessions: Jamie Humphries – Rectoverb 25 1x12 Combo – “Ed’s Boogie” Mesa Artist Jamie Humphries wrote & performed this EVH-styled tune through the Rectoverb 25 1x12 combo in his home studio. This video is a great showcase of how useful the 10 watt setting can be for great recorded tones at fairly low volumes. Jamie recorded the guitar tracks with neighbors nearby and received no complaints! Played through an original Music Man EVH model with Dimarzio pickups directly into the 1x12 Rectoverb 25 combo with a Fillmore 75 speaker. Mic’d with a Heil PR40. Check out the full video at
MESA/Boogie JP-2C wins prestigious “Best Guitar Amplifier” at 2017 Musikmesse International Press Awards! - Journalists of over 100 dedicated special interest magazines from all over the world were called upon to nominate and vote for the best musical instruments and audio equipment of 2016/2017 in the 38 categories of the prestigious mipa/pipa Musikmesse/Prolight + Sound International Press Award…and the JP-2C comes out on top! All of us at MESA sincerely thank the mipa community for this wonderful recognition of our much-loved JP-2C!
Let us build the custom amp of your dreams, like this gorgeous Mark Five head in Trans Charcoal Flame Maple with a Wicker Cane Grille. The depth and dimension of the figuring is highlighted by our hand-rubbed oil finish. See all available options in our design gallery:
@markttremonti ・・・ @jpetimages and @mesaengineering did a tremendous job voicing the JP-2C! If you dig the Mesa Mark series, or great amps in general, definitely go check it out.
@jpetimages and Mesa’s Doug West Discuss the Boogie R & D Process at a recent Tone Summit. Check out the full video at
In celebration of our redesign of the MESA/Boogie Factory Parts Store, we’ve teamed up with local artists to design some new MESA apparel with more new items coming soon. For more information on our latest offerings, like our new Motor T-shirt design, contact your local dealer or head over to and let us know what you think of the new offerings and the new site!
The original 'Mesa Marching Tubes' drawing from the early '70s. #tubetuesday
EVERY amp at Mesa/Boogie gets the hammer test. This test tells the technician that the amplifier is ready for battle and ready to handle the rigors of the road and deliver exceptional tone, night after night. Today’s slo-mo hammer test is a JP-2C and this amp passed with flying colors. Ready to rock.
Mesa Artist @angelvivaldi plays his song "..... (Five)" though a custom covered Mark Five: 35 head and machining 4x12 Recto cab in Hot White Bronco and White Grille. Check out the full video at
Pete Loeffler & Dean Bernardini to tour w/ Mark V/4x12 & Subway D-800/PowerHouse 8x10 rigs as Chevelle headlines US.
Triple Crown TC-50's going through burn-in...we love the smell of EL34's in the morning!
@LambofGod joins Slayer & Behemoth for summer N. American Tour. Experience the onslaught of MESA Tone! #mesaartist
We recently caught up with MESA Artist, Dominic Miller, on Sting’s 57th & 9th Tour and had an opportunity to snap a shot of his current MESA rig. A Lone Star user since the amp’s introduction, this rig sports a pair of Lone Star 1x12 Combos mated to 2x12 Horizontal Recto cabs along with a CabClone. Dominic shares his guitar duties, once again this tour, with his son Rufus Miller (who is touring with a Lone Star 2x12 Combo and Flux Drive featured in his rig). Check for current tour dates. #mesaartist
Mesa Artist Jed Simon from the band VIMIC, with his Mesa Rectifier during the filming of their latest video! @vimicmusic
@errolcooney with Mesa/Boogie Mark V getting ready for @recordingacademy Grammys tomorrow・・・ My rig for the grammy's tomorrow thanks to Gibson, Mesa Boogie and photographer/guitarist extraordinaire @tariqhakoni !!
There is simply no substitute!
@nickjohnstonmusic getting tweaked on Triple Crown TC-50, 2x12 Recto cab, Mark V 35 1x12 Combo, and Cab Clone ・・・ Sweet.