MEREDITH MICKELSON @meredithmickelson

The Lions NY/ LA

ya, i'm floating
the best team. the best memories. here's a lil preview of a night shoot we just shot🤙🏼
don't save her, she don't wanna be saved (probably the tannest ill ever be so thought i'd document it)
i swam with sharks, sting rays, eels & octopus today #adventurous
day two🌺 the beauty here is insane
ok ill relax now
who is she
off to bora bora
i left my heart in havana, he took me back to east atlanta
common sense isn't that common
drive me crazy but keep me sane
i got me
beach day but i'm inside w a sweater on so idk
outta my mind
out here
got a good photographer ;)