Markian @markianb

Smile and the world will smile back 😊 🎈 I only post smiles! #SmileSquad 🌴 LA ✉️

The day we hit 1M 😃💯 #SmileSquad
...Facebook show 😊🔥 #hairchange
Anyone guess what time this picture was taken 🙄😝 #SmileSquad
Tb to sneaking into a frat party as a fake celebrity 😂😱🔥 which celeb do you think I was?
Moved into my new university apartment!! 😝🎉 How should I decorate it?? #SmileSquad
SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT! We have an official Smile Squad hand sign 😁😇 it's my right hand next to my face that represents a smile and you'll see me do it at the end of my vids!! (p.s. already announced this in the fb group a while ago, you should join 😉)
Hey Markeys!! YES THATS RIGHT we have a name for the Smile Squad ppl!! 😁🤗🎉 (actually announced it in the fb group weeks ago but now its public) The idea behind Markeys is that you guys are the keys to a happier world with all your smiles 🗝😊😋 and yeah this is me hanging upside down on a tree 😂😂 #SmileSquad #Markeys
Psh redheads... (my hair is auburn fyi) 😎😄 #SmileSquad
Ciao Italia 👋🏼 #SmileSquad
Of course had to get gelato 😋🍦🇮🇹 #SmileSquad 🔑
Andiamo? 🛵💫 #SmileSquad
🌴🌻🌴🌻🌴🌻🌴 #SmileSquad
Ow Kalina punched me! Look at my face how much it hurt #stillsmiling 🙈😂 #SmileSquad #smileshirt
How to make ur sister smile 😂 #SmileSquad
🤗😎⛪️🏛 #SmileSquad
Romeing through the streets on 🛵🛵
Mr. Formaggio #SmileSquad
Instagram expectation vs reality (swipe left) 😝😂 #SmileSquad
Arrived at 🇮🇹 #SmileSquad
My mom told me to wear a hat ☀️🦁 #SmileSquad