Markian @markianb

Smile and the world will smile back 😊 🎈 I only post smiles! #SmileSquad 🌴 LA ✉️

I must have been Mario in another life 😂🕺 #HunterOriginal #HunterBoots #partner
Not sure that my personal trainer knows what she’s doing... 😝🤸🏼‍♂️ #SmileSquad
Reflecting on the first year of living in the US and how great life is 🌴🌟 #HunterOriginal #HunterBoots #partner
Rose garden too pretty 🤓🌹 #SmileSquad Shoutout to @aditi.harish for these amazing pics! #ReachFam
Enjoying beautiful views on a beautiful campus on a beautiful day ☺️ Thank you to @hunterboots for the dope backpack and shoes! Link in bio for more products 🤘🏼🎒 #HunterOriginal #HunterBoots #partner
Incredible sunset with mah Reach fam 💙🌅
What better thing to do than jumping in parking lots? 🎈 #SmileSquad
Types of uber drivers 😂😂 (w/ @iamcaddyjones @leahglouberman) Comment ‘🚙🚦’ if you’ve had one of these drivers!
Maybe I wouldn’t want an older sister after all 😂👫 #SmileSquad
Arms open wide for what the future holds 💫 #SmileSquad
Fun time sharing the secrets about my life and how I grew my page to 1M likes for Reach at USC (social media org) 😄🥇
Easily amused 🌺😄 #SmileSquad
When your friend is an acrobat 😂🤸🏼‍♂️ (w/ @shaffiktanger)
Suits (and no tie) with my badass manager 😁🔮 #SmileSquad
Types of people in group projects 😂📚 Shoutout to Chegg for providing a hero in the group 😝 #ad Tag your friends who hate group projects!
Had a blast meeting @redone and being a part of his latest hit song music video! (hopefully there's a millisecond of me in it 😅) #SmileSquad #moroccoToTheWorld
Happy smiles 😃 #SmileSquad
Back into the game ⚽️⚽️ #SmileSquad
Which emoji are you?? 😘😜 #SmileSquad
Stanford vs USC game day! Filmed a funny skit with #ReachFam #NerdvsCheerleader ❤️🏈