Marius Digranes

Marius Digranes @marius_freestyle

Football freestyler from Bergen, Norway 🇳🇴 14 years old⚡ Contact: direct message/ mail: marius.digr@gmail 📩

New trick from today✌ Have you seen it before? The plan was to take a abbas "nt", but anyways what do you think?😃
Some combos that wasn't good enough for the Instagram lover video i am making🔥 (this was from one session a week ago) #livetut @tine_norvegia
Two combo's with tatw atatw "nt" !💥 was so close to 3 "nt" so stay tuned..😋
Picture from a street show last weekend!💥 With @sindrefreestyle @jonatanfreestyler @sondrefreestyle
A new trick and a short set from some days ago👅have you seen the first trick before?
Happy with some improvment on my matw nt's, Can't wait to push the nt's more! What do you think?👊 For the matw nt king @jako17b 🙌
Just a little set from today! What do you think?👊👇
So happy with this nt🙇‍♂️ have been one of my dream combos since i started! Do you like it? @iamafreestyler @freefootworld @fre365tyle
Happy with this two clips!🔥 What do you Think?
Pushing💪 w/ @jonatanfreestyler