MARITTA @marittahallani

God First ❤ Humming Melodies 🎵🌸 📧

If you had one wish, what would it be? ☘️
Can we restart the weekend? 🤠😄
I love flowers 🌺
The Interview Link is in @nawa3emcom's Bio! 😇 Stylist: @iamomarkhaled #OTheStylist 👚 Make Up: @joaboujaoude 💄 Hair: @shafiksankary @simonelmendelek 💇🏻
If you really want it, GO FOR IT ☀️
Just got pranked! 😂🤣
Some tips on how to stalk your crush! 😳😂💕🎶 #KhayfaAnam full music video link in my bio 🔝 #sunday #fun #love #music #marittasmelodies
Never Give Up, Ladies!
"Always keep the simple and loving heart of your childhood" 🍬
Au revoir Paris 👋⭐️
Disneyland... You were Magical as always 😍💫
Can you guess who was making me laugh? 😄
Nights in Paris 🇫🇷
Just a quick selfie 📸