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Still here ✌🏼
Our lil fam-bamily💙 We are far from perfect but occasionally we get things right. We continually work toward improvement and bettering ourselves. Which is both a blessing and a curse. Times of frustration and lack of communication can make you want to throw in the towel. BUT! If you can get over yourself, put your needs aside and not take yourself too seriously once in a while you'll see the love that is there. Life gets messy but somewhere in the middle there are moments of perfection. This day at the lake last week was our moment. I love you @schneiderfit and I appreciate you as my husband, father, biz partner and PIC.
Streeeeeetch 🙃
I've been using @naturesgateofficial deodorant for almost 3 years. I knew I wanted to find a product that was more in line with my values as a health & fitness professional. Also my mother had part of her right breast and lymph nodes removed due to breast cancer. Therefore I believe it to be a good idea to use a deodorant free of toxins. It took a few weeks for my body to adapt but believe it or not I feel like I'm less stinky, even on days when I forget to put it on. 🙃
Currently accepting all good vibes & prayers for my spunky lil niece today. She's the toughest, most demanding lil bean I know. Keep her mama & Nana in mind as well. ❤️ Also BIG thank you to the #ronaldmcdonaldhouse for the amazing services you provide. "We may not have it all together but together we have it all." #family
What is normal anyway? In this instance I'm gonna say it's intuitive. For the first time in my adult life I went on vacation & didn't over do it. I didn't drink too much or eat too much. It wasn't intentional, it just...was. I felt normal. I drank beers with my husband & best friends🍻We had ice cream from Charlee's & introduced real deal s'mores to my son🍫I felt a true balance between real life & what used to feel like either complete restriction or a total free for all. Did I come back thinner or more yoked? Nope & I'm good with that. However, I did come back feeling like I got that damn monkey off my back 🐒 I enjoyed my time away & didn't fret over what or when I was eating. I'll take "normal" eating any day.
The REAL #preworkout
#transformationtuesday The difference a year makes. Lil man is growing up. Continuing to learn new things, push boundaries & become more independent. As much as I may teach him THESE are the things he's teaching me.
#imjudgingyou was a recommended read by @iamerinbrown & I second the suggestion. What it boils down to is just being a good human & thinking of more than just yourself. I know...weird concept right? 😉 With a big dose of reality check & a side of humor this book is good, quick read.
#momming so hard
Mountain Adventures 🏔
Happy Father's Day my love. Thank you for the adventures, the love & all of your hard work. We love you 💙
Little Adventurers
Rio Grande Gorge
Mineral Pools + Mud Baths = Perfection 👌🏼
Full Hands = Full Heart ❤️
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My #lunchdates ❤️
Mommy/Baby Duathlon this morning with the #SchneiderFit Crew. 🚴 🏃🏼 🚴
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