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It's been a weird week. Lots of emotions and not a lot of production on my end. Most of the time I'm slaying my #todolist and bibitty bopittying around and getting shit done. This week feels heavy tho. And yes it has to do with #Charlottesville How can anyone still be "sleepy" when you turn on the radio or television? Multiple points to be made so just take a moment if you will. Wake up and speak up. Have those uncomfortable conversations with your friends and family. Be wrong, be right but most importantly talk. I'm not going to blast social media with what I think you should or shouldn't do. My to dos start at home and with friends and my daily interactions. This week I've consumed. I've read, I've listened, I've made space for others. And I'll continue and I ask you to do the same. Consume, converse and communicate. Be willing to sit with some uncomfortable shit. It's gonna come up and it's not gonna feel great but you'll learn and you'll grow. We've used this quote in the gym for years and it's never been more applicable to real life than right now. So buckle up, it's gonna be a bumpy ride...
"You make your own luck" is what my father said to me when he left me for my freshman year of college. I knew what he meant. Everything I've got I created. It didn't happen by chance. I do believe that there is a divine energy that guides us all but without effort things don't just happen to us. I gave this same necklace to my god-daughter to remind her that she can be and do whatever she wants in her life but she's not just gonna luck out. She's going to have to make her own.💙
Through thick and thin my love. Each day I'm proud to stand beside you.
Seriously though. Everyday is #legday 👊🏼 Fellas, catch up. #Repost @penandpaperstrengthapp
Obviously I'm super fast at stretching. But really. It doesn't take a lot of time, maybe 2-5 minutes. Stretch & Breathe ✨
Today's #preworkout brought to by @luckyberryjuicecafe beet & honey soft serve, kiddo skipping his nap & mama's birthday week. I'll take it😜
"Let's get a picture with the kiddos." 🤓 #reallife
I've been off. For a while. Change can throw you for such a loop but in the same regard it's the only thing that you can count on for sure. I'm not sure why we are ever taught that change is scary, that the unknown is unmanageable. At least that's what I always thought. Now I know better. I know that change really is a good thing and that no one has it all together all the time. So even though it's been months since I've even attempted a handstand I got up and held for a split second. There was a pause! It counts! Less than a year ago I was afraid to try. Now I try, I fail and I try again. 💪🏼
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Our kid might live in #handmedowns but Mom & Dad are keeping that shoe game on point. 👌🏼
After seeing the prices at the grocery store for a fruit and veggie tray I quickly decided I was going to make my own for EZ's birthday party. It took about 10 mins to put together and saved me over $30. #winning
Got some #sweat & #sunshine at stairs today with the @schneiderfit crew. Here's me and my lil monkey 🐒 mid squats & bleacher steps.
The fatal farting light saber. #wildfridaynight
Yesterday I hit a personal record in deadlift at 200lbs. At first I thought it was by accident because that wasn't my intention. In fact I was exhausted and would've rather been sleeping. However it wasn't by accident. I don't skip workouts. I just don't. There's always something I can do and I always feel better after. Now this doesn't mean I ALWAYS want to workout but it's always worth it. Yesterday was proof enough for me that effort, consistency and perseverance pay off. 💪🏼 by @schneiderfit
#teamnosleep over here. 👋🏼 BUTT I haven't skipped any workouts so this statement is true. 😘
I've been getting bodywork since I was an #athlete in High School. There have been times when I was more and less regular and now I go for what I consider "tune ups." Most adults deal with some sort of body #pain whether it be from an old #injury or sleeping in some crazy position. Point is we all have pain from time to time and there are ways to manage it. In addition to that there are ways to combat it i.e. Strength Training, Massage, Chiropractic, A.R.T and Acupuncture. #recovery
Almost a #decade with this dude. 👊🏼 @SchneiderFit
You know how much I love #beets plus proof that I consume more than just coffee and bars. 😊 Here's dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow. #twobirdsonestone 💪🏼