Maia Mitchell

Maia Mitchell @maiamitchell

Thank you for hosting us @disneyland ❤️
Happy birthday @danooch
Congratulations @mollsgrayy & @jekajane 💕 #jekafoundmollee
When you're at prom but you remember your last name has 'Foster' in it so you know something's about to go down. Our summer finale airs tonight at 8/7c on Freeform! Don't miss it.
When it's girls night and he's approaching the 5 ft proximity
Headed to the clubs! @noellemarsh
Comin atya live from the Hollywood sign! #hollywood
Back home with my baby
Location 🎥✨
My dad in the 80's is me
Achieved nothing on my to do list except for nap
Surround yourself with people who look at you like this when you've picked a crap song for karaoke. #Genieinabottle #notakaraokesong
So excited to be part of Bonds Homegrown campaign launching their new range of 100% Cotton Tees alongside these talented Australians @codysimpson & @Charleefraser @bondsaus #bondsambassador #homegrown #ad
@camimorrone appreciation account
View for the next month
Looking for 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬 (I know I'm by a pool but it's overlooking the ocean smh u guys wow)