Sometimes it just happens by accident, wrong shoes wrong surface but a perfect take with lots of drama
NCA all test's done.20 mtr in 2.91sec. Run a 3 done in 8.90sec.time for heavy lunch
1st store of SEVEN opens at my hometown RANCHI. So much love and affection from the people had to spend some time in the storeroom
Ziva learning about IPL teams.6 to start off
Even two golf sets doesn't help my golf game get better
Had fun watching the semi finals of the US open, a different experience altogether
Beautifully restored pick up truck as if it just rolled out of the factory
Perfect weather and surroundings to play golf
Pic taken after the ceremony, the smile says it all.thanks to all the instructors at PTS Agra
Last year around this time our group finished 4 day and 1 night jump to earn our wings.memorable 22days