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🐾 The Sploot Queen ☺️👑 🐶 Pembroke Welsh Corgi (w/ longer legs!) 🎂 4/23/15 💌 📦 Barkbox code: MAGSCORGI ‼️Coupon codes ⤵️⤵️

I got the donut of shame put back on. The vet gave me Apoquel two weeks ago but I ended up getting two new hot spots since I’ve been taking it. Now we go back to the vet Tuesday. 😩 I’m loving this cooler weather today though!☺️☺️☺️
👀 what is this fascinating thing my hooman is shaking?! • • (p.s. it’s her LipSense 👄)
Uh oh I got caught... I was downgraded from the inflatable donut because I was able to reach all my paws and wouldn't stop licking. Now my hooman caught me licking my back paw and knows the cone of shame isn't enough.😬 What's worse than the cone of shame that I could possibly be downgraded to next?! Paws crossed there's nothing!
BARKBOX DAY!!!!!! My BarkBox came with my acceptance letter to BARK University!!! I can't wait to take my extra-furricular class, Advanced Splooting. Everypawdy has more they can learn, even the Sploot Queen👑. But let's be real, I'll be teaching that class before you know it. 😉 • • • BarkBox Code: MAGSCORGI • • #BarkBoxDay #BARKUniversity #BarkBox #barkboxtoys #BarkBoxCode #barkboxdogs #BarkShop #barkboxlove
Raise your paw if you also have crazy pawsessed pawparazzi hoomans who take a million pictures of you while you sleep/basically do anything even just breathing 🙋🏼🐾🐾 • • #throwbackthursday #throwbarkthursday #tbthursday
I got downgraded to the cone of shame 😩 and now I'm stuck wearing it until all the spots I've been itching heal. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 Two weeks of antibiotics and restricted access to my itchy spots and I should be all healed up (paws crossed)
Thanks @canidaepetfood for these delicious grain free Chewy treats with sweet potato and duck! So yummy 😋😋😋 • • #petsofcanidae #canidaepetfood
I've been forced to wear the donut of shame because I've been extremely itchy and biting/licking at my paws a lot. I started to get a hot spot on my front paw so my hooman was putting stuff on it, but then I just moved to the other paws. She's taking me to the vet Tuesday though. She felt bad about making me wear the donut so she held my whimzee for me while I ate it. (❗️Don't look at the other pics if you don't want to see my work of art from my excessive itching❗️)
Gotta #throwback go playing with my uncle Boris the cat. We still wrestle and play all the time. He's getting tired of me though, so my hooman needs to get me a corgi brofur soon so I have a furriend to play with. • • #throwbackthursday #throwbarkthursday #tbt
Throwin' it back two years to the end of my heart surgery recovery. No more crate rest! Hallelujah! But I still didn't want to walk far, so I'd just stop and lay down during our walks. It took awhile, but I slowly built up the distance I could walk/run! • • #throwbackthursday #throwbarkthursday #tbt
My hooman forget to add the video of me finally getting my puppy cone to our previous post 🙄 so here it is!! 😋😋 I devoured it 😊 • she also let me lick her cup once she finished hers!
Look how obsessed my hooman is! She put my face on her socks and won't stop talking about how pawesome they are and how much she ruvvvs them. Thanks @divvyup 😘😘 • • Every obsessed dog parent needs a custom pair of socks with their pups face! Go get yours at @divvyup ! #divvyupsocks #divvyup
Where's my puppy cone?! • • (don't worry everypawdy, I got my puppy cone)
My hooman gave me a bath, so now I must get rid of this clean smell on me 😌
When in doubt, Sploot it out 🤗 • • #throwbackthursday #throwbarkthursday #tbt #sploot #splootqueen #splootlife
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Hooman, are you trying to say I need to calm down or something? 😒 • • These Nutramax Cosequin Calm Chewable tablets are designed to help support balanced behavior and relaxation in dogs. It calms dogs during stressful situations and helps alleviate common signs of anxiety like trembling, panting, hiding, escaping, and excessive barking! • I get freaked out by almost practically kind of everything so @chewy sent us these to try out! My hooman has been giving me these to try at different times so we are still waiting to decide what we think! Stay tuned for a future post with an update ☺️ • • *I received this item free of charge from in exchange got my honest review!* • • #ChewyInfluencer #Chewy #chewyinfluencerprogram #chewylove • • 🎀Bandana - @bowowbandanas • Use MAGS20 for 20% off! #bowowbandanas
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I whip my toy keys back and forth • • #throwbackthursday #throwbarkthursday #tbt
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