clearly having a ball 🙄
"I'm busy"
this scarf is just the touch that makes me look like I have my shit together
Another photo of me alone, welcome to my life
She's baaaaack 💄(figured it was time for another selfie)
Just prograsstinating 🌱
This is a video montage of me being alone, called Popular @whatispopular
'Tis the season (2).... #Riverdale ✈️
the only time I'll ever feel popular ••• in all seriousness, honored to be featured on the cover of Popular magazine. Thanks for helping host an awesome party @wildfoxcouture
I've made it from the bed to this lounge chair. There's no stopping me now.
I came, I saw, I made it awkward
Happy #nationalbestfriendday from me & this guy I met last week ☀️
"She'd be like 'why didn't you call me back?' And I'd be like 'why are you so obsessed with me?'"
I call this resting Petsch face
I'm a great lunch date... 🤷‍♀️
Finally tried wearing sunglasses last night 👓 @priverevaux #reframeyourself
June gloom can't stop me from wearing a crop top 🌨💅🏻
You're my flavorite 🍦 (nothing comes between me & my food)
This is me at 10am, expect a similar facial expression at 10pm.