About to play the meanest game of leap frog 🐸
Just being an optical illusion @ Vulture Fest 👽 Huge thanks to everyone that came out last night, you were all so sweet & lovely xo
Mili in full effect ❤️
Socializing is cool but have u ever laid in bed all day? (taken by my new fave photographer @lilireinhart)
Going w that 70's business woman pant suit vibe. PS- Riverdale season 2 will be coming to you this fall on Wednesdays at 8/7c. Happy to be repping it today at @thecw upfronts ☀️
I tend to make this facial expression when I have no idea what someone said so I just chuckle & hope it was relatively funny 🙄
Heading to NYC tomorrow and hoping @kjapa is prepared, my heels have only gotten more uncomfortable 😂
Ottawa Comic Con gang taking over the plane ✈️ (I know I look like a chipmunk)
I call this "oh did you call my name I just happened to be in this pose and casually looking over my shoulder" this is obviously candid
That's a wrap on season 1 of Riverdale! This is BTS from Archie & the gang saving Cheryl. I was sopping wet and freezing & KJ had broken his hand. Between shots Lili was breathing on me for warmth, Cami was hugging me, KJ carrying me & TJ helping him, Cole was (of course) taking the photo. I'm so lucky to be able to call these people my family & Riverdale my home. This past year has been the best of my life. Thank you all for coming along on this journey & sharing a piece of our hearts. I feel so grateful for this ride & it's only the beginning. Season 2 here we come ❤️ PS- thanks to all 1 Million of you✨✨
It's not a selfie, it's an usie. @kjapa hangin' w the gang for the SEASON FINALE TONIGHT!
tomorrow night, a chapter ends. 📖 tune in for the Riverdale season finale, 9/8c! (How very practical of me to be wearing those Valentino's on the ice)