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Michael Phelps @m_phelps00

U2!! Wtf!! Amazing #speechless #priceless
Choosing the best for Juno and Legend is a no brainer for me. Their health is my happiness – that’s why I choose @nulopetfood for them. It’s our responsibility to get it right. Join our mission at nulo.com and get back to feeding your pets more of what they need, and less of what they don't. #AD
Just a little splash today with @arschmitty and @mrs.nicolephelps ..... #2020tokyo (I'm not the one coming back )🙅🏻‍♂️
Is it true?!! @coach_bowman @arschmitty
Sunday fun day for @boomerrphelps and I !! Matching shades thanks to @stuttsydlc @romanstutts and @bashstutts !!!
Wanted to see if I could still do a start🙈 Strictly for old time sake!
What a blast today!! @underarmour Just opened a new store in Dubai !!! Can't wait til I get to come back!
We won @realmonaghan !!! So much fun today!! It was all the @scottycameron !! @omega @omegaeuropeanmasters
Daddy and boomer pool time!! 🏊 🏊
Night night from D.C. 🙈
You know... just running around D.C. Last night in my full race set up🙈 @mp_michaelphelps @aquasphere_swim #mpswim
I may have not read the instructions completely🙈. But I think the meal was amazing!!! I vote redo!! We had a little chicken miso ramen. @blueapron #ad
These guys were amazing to see live the other night!! So talented!!! @onerepublic @mrs.nicolephelps
Number 2 on the way!!!! So excited!! Wonder if it's a boy or a girl??
#bandondunes #16 ..... just amazing
Just another day😁😁 @pxg_xperience #gottalovethegameofgolf #fuji #dj
Crazy to think this was 9 years ago... #memories
With help from Huggies Little Swimmers, #TrainingFor2032 begins by safely taking the time to introduce your baby to the water. 💧Safety tip: Every baby needs a coach and flotation devices should never be a substitute for your helping hands. #thanksHuggiesforthepartnership
One year ago today... still speechless #memories