• Hi! A friend of mine is making a film about queer friendship and making mistakes, can you help us make it happen by checking out the link in his bio ( @andrewlush )and pledging your support if possible? Every bit of help counts 💕There are only 5 hours left to make it happen!✨🌈 #representationmatters
    18-Dec-2017 01:23:50 AM
  • I love your hair😍
    18-Dec-2017 01:36:59 AM
  • Great shot
    18-Dec-2017 03:02:21 AM
  • You are in my city 🤗 Awesome shot!
    19-Dec-2017 18:42:44 PM
  • @nicoleashleyreed Yes. Your city is magical, I must always return here. I feel in love with NYC.
    20-Dec-2017 16:33:29 PM
  • @steevmonroy Me too ☺️❤️
    20-Dec-2017 20:48:58 PM
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