Day 17 #december #onequestionaday Do you prefer to drink from a special mug or cup? I prefer a large mug over glasses for tea, at home I always use my #starbucks mugs. I love buying a mug in places I visit #mugorcup #aquestionaday #flowmagazine #flowcalendar2017

  • YES❤️
    17-Dec-2017 10:57:59 AM
  • That’s funny I buy mugs from places I visit too ! 👍❤️
    17-Dec-2017 13:19:02 PM
  • Yes and I have particular mugs for the time of day! Now I have said that out loud it feel like I have a problem 😂😂😂😂
    17-Dec-2017 18:00:55 PM
  • 17-Dec-2017 18:29:27 PM
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