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We wanna know…what’s your fave slide to ride? Reply below! #CruiseNorwegian

  • 27-Dec-2017 12:23:59 PM
  • @griselda_blanco1_ my husband and I did not go on it but our family LOVE IT!!! 3,2,1 and droppppppppp
    27-Dec-2017 12:26:01 PM
  • @auntpat1027 having been on enough RCI and NCL ships I can say in terms of “Freestyle” they are pretty close to each other. From what I remember of Princess, yes, it’s a traditional cruise experience.
    27-Dec-2017 12:56:16 PM
  • @jngold24 it’s everyone’s preference. I agree the the adult pool is small. And somehow they could make bigger the walking space is way to much a waste of space. (I can see a small walk around). I guess NCL is my favorite after 40 plus cruises on all from Home Lines that was our first and we cruise often and enjoy time just finding a peaceful area with cushion sofas outside and relaxing and watching the Ocean. We all have our own special places. I prefer the space that’s the escape has between the children’s pool and the adult area. We all take turns with the grand babies and then switch spots. Happy New Years. 🍻🥂🍾
    27-Dec-2017 13:11:50 PM
  • 28-Dec-2017 01:18:22 AM
  • @melaniecepeda77 wow that’s crazy!
    28-Dec-2017 03:16:09 AM
  • @christajazzadri cool right
    28-Dec-2017 03:38:03 AM
  • I️ went on this cruise the week before Christmas
    28-Dec-2017 23:52:11 PM
  • 29-Dec-2017 17:01:59 PM
  • @lacecarter8 woah. This is the escape.
    30-Dec-2017 15:53:01 PM
  • @hounsie woo! Can’t wait!
    30-Dec-2017 16:10:44 PM
  • 01-Jan-2018 00:42:13 AM
  • @tayyloorrr__ @alexandra.leann we will be on this in 2018 🙌🏼
    01-Jan-2018 19:06:44 PM
  • Is this on the star?
    01-Jan-2018 22:52:12 PM
  • Loved the toilet hole ride on the Epic!
    01-Jan-2018 23:14:50 PM
  • @emgraber ummmm hello!
    02-Jan-2018 01:46:27 AM
  • @alyssa_carman I would love to go on there but that cruising is really expensive
    02-Jan-2018 01:51:05 AM
  • @emgraber ok ok but royal Caribbean is happening again!!
    02-Jan-2018 02:06:43 AM
  • @alyssa_carman oh 💯!!!!! ASAP
    02-Jan-2018 02:07:26 AM
  • Free fall
    02-Jan-2018 20:01:07 PM
  • 02-Jan-2018 22:41:19 PM
  • @kicamille take me back
    02-Jan-2018 23:02:09 PM
  • Norwegian Escape free fall slides were a blast!
    03-Jan-2018 01:07:47 AM
  • 04-Jan-2018 16:51:01 PM
  • @sulymelgz ese es el próximo
    04-Jan-2018 17:14:56 PM
  • 05-Jan-2018 06:02:04 AM
  • 05-Jan-2018 12:15:35 PM
  • This cruise 😍
    06-Jan-2018 02:41:49 AM
  • Which ship is this? @norwegiancruiseline
    07-Jan-2018 00:37:43 AM
  • 07-Jan-2018 01:32:38 AM
  • @b_young09 I would love to do a family cruise on this one
    07-Jan-2018 20:05:12 PM
  • 09-Jan-2018 01:12:42 AM
  • 👊
    09-Jan-2018 19:11:34 PM
  • 11-Jan-2018 23:14:45 PM
  • @sarah_carrxx see I want something like this
    14-Jan-2018 18:15:25 PM
  • @daina_xx omg same !!
    14-Jan-2018 18:19:10 PM
  • @sarah_carrxx see that’s wat I was going for ! But next time !
    14-Jan-2018 18:35:00 PM
  • @daina_xx lol yea I totally seee and wish we had that
    14-Jan-2018 18:40:55 PM
  • @sholloway579 🤔🤔🤔🤔
    16-Jan-2018 03:22:54 AM
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