I find that the more I listen to my body the better I feel... don't get me wrong- I am always going back and forth with what that balance means to me and my body, because only I can guess how much is too much. . . Listen and take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live. . 📬 Send me a Direct Message with your email for a FREE 30 minutes coaching about your health. 😉 . .📸 @omarcharcousse . #wednesday #wednesdaymotivation #motivation #yougotthis #dontgiveup #breakfast #newyork #nature #breath #peace #family #friends #love #healthyeating #healthyfood #health #puertorico #healthcoach #healthylifestyle #hapiness #imwithyou #pictureoftheday #blessed #grateful #peaceful #tipoftheday #goals #goaldigger #centralpark #winter

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  • Cool message and I've found the same. How do you slow down and get into receiving mode to do the listening? Easier said than done in my experience!
    17-Dec-2017 14:04:11 PM
  • Gratitude
    17-Dec-2017 14:04:39 PM
  • Sometimes, my body will try to trick me when i pass cake 🍰 😔
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  • Hey, you have a great profile! Where are you from? Kind regards, Bob!
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  • Great message and I couldn’t agree more!
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  • Yea it's always about finding the balance. But again when you take care of your body, it tends to take care of you!
    17-Dec-2017 20:10:12 PM
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  • Toller Beitrag!😊
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  • Follow your passion, no matter how difficult it might look
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  • Woah! You really are killllling the game! Congratulations 💛 this is really great Monday morning advice! Let’s get this shared to as many people as possible!
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  • @beseniusbob thank you! I'm originally from Puerto Rico but live in New York.
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  • @pathshaker you got the control!
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