I was sick. I was unhealthy. I was overweight. I was bloated. I had cystic acne. I couldn't fit my favorite outfits. I couldn't sleep past 3am. I was too tired to enjoy life. But that's not where the story ends.....BUT GOD... PRAISE HIM!! I decided to LIVE AGAIN and those darn green smoothies got me back on track. Can fruits, greens and some water give you LIFE? You better believe it! I'm having a moment. So teary eyed with joy! :-) God bless you all for allowing to be on this journey with you! Anybody FEELING better than they have in years? It just can't be me loving the green smoothie life! Holla back!

  • @mara_mara_onthewall okay thank you can I get the book from Walmart or target
    14-Dec-2017 01:19:05 AM
  • I NEEDED THIS ❤️💛💚
    14-Dec-2017 01:46:32 AM
  • Amen ❤️
    14-Dec-2017 02:06:14 AM
  • Amen! That’s a true testimony and I thank you for sharing it. I have been drinking green smoothies and juices for a couple of weeks now and I can say I’m truly addicted. I’m not a breakfast person, but those smoothies give me life every morning. Thank you!
    14-Dec-2017 04:16:32 AM
  • jjsmithonline 👌
    14-Dec-2017 04:27:44 AM
  • So happy you’re feeling better! Food is everything.
    14-Dec-2017 04:45:57 AM
  • Day 4 hanging in there
    14-Dec-2017 05:19:03 AM
  • 100 percent accurate juicing and smoothies changed my life. Creating a holistic lifestyle lost 120 pounds, and it saved me at the same time letting me know living this type of lifestyle is possible. Posts like these remind me when I fall off, which I have ... but its motivation to keep going.
    14-Dec-2017 05:35:42 AM
  • Yum!
    14-Dec-2017 05:59:03 AM
  • Yes those green smoothie are the truth they saved my life. 38 pounds lost and counting. #greensmoothiesforlife
    14-Dec-2017 06:00:08 AM
  • Oh yes. You've changed my life. Green Smoothies For Life now and forever more........... Lots of love from South Africa🔥🎉😘💞💕❤🙏
    14-Dec-2017 10:06:43 AM
  • 👏🏾🙌🏾❤️
    14-Dec-2017 10:50:34 AM
  • Great, so happy for you
    14-Dec-2017 10:57:26 AM
  • Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After chemo and radiation my body felt like that of an elderly woman. This year at 38 I still struggled with aches and pains all over my body. My co workers and I started your 30 day smoothie cleanse and today is day 18. We have had amazing results and I honestly feel like a flower that has bloomed!!! My body has not ached or pained me since I have juicing. So I tip my hat to you and say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You have changed my life and I am back on track never looking back #survivor 💪🏽
    14-Dec-2017 11:17:33 AM
  • Need this asap
    14-Dec-2017 13:32:47 PM
  • Cool, mach weiter so 😊
    14-Dec-2017 15:04:07 PM
  • Thanks for sharing @jjsmithonline!!! I'm going to start LIVING grand again next week with the green smoothies!
    14-Dec-2017 18:02:39 PM
  • Hallelujah!!! 😌🙌🏽🙌🏽 I’m getting there! Always inspired! Thank you, @jjsmithonline! Keep praising Him, Sis!!!
    14-Dec-2017 19:35:14 PM
  • Just perfect ! 👌
    15-Dec-2017 00:46:11 AM
  • Stunning
    15-Dec-2017 07:43:18 AM
  • Nice :)
    15-Dec-2017 11:36:11 AM
  • Yaaas!!!!! @jjsmithonline
    15-Dec-2017 13:03:54 PM
  • #love the picture! The color scheme, contrast, everything! Anyone else agree with me?❤️
    15-Dec-2017 13:10:49 PM
  • nice
    15-Dec-2017 21:16:43 PM
  • Love this!
    16-Dec-2017 05:59:24 AM
  • Me too
    16-Dec-2017 07:00:36 AM
  • Hi I have enjoyed your post thanks.
    16-Dec-2017 13:34:16 PM
  • Very proud of you😍. Keep going❤️!!
    16-Dec-2017 15:45:04 PM
  • Nice!
    16-Dec-2017 16:08:22 PM
  • “I decided to live again”. 👌🏽 Love it.
    16-Dec-2017 22:00:03 PM
  • @jjsmithonline I just had one of these moments and made a post on my page. It's so good to reflect on the many blessings God has given us. Mental, spiritual , and physical health are the core of the body. Thank God for allowing us to push through and not give up. Many more blessings ahead in 2018. Thank you for providing this wonderful platform. #fitnesscommunity #healthyfood #healtjylifestyle #healthandfitness #fitfam
    17-Dec-2017 06:35:36 AM
  • Im 35 & I am Absolutely feeling feeling so much more "LIFE in my LIVING" since I started drinking green smoothies a year ago. When I don't have my servings of fresh kale & spinach I can certainly tell. Now, as long I'm consistent, I reduce & prevent bloating, have more energy & overall feel alot better about me & my life choices. Funny what putting "LIFE" inside you can do. @jjsmithonline your suggestion (in one of your videos this year) on blending my greens prior to adding other fruits & veggies was also a tremendous help. Thanks for all your IG inspiration. Keep up the the GREAT WORK.
    17-Dec-2017 11:35:19 AM
  • 👍
    17-Dec-2017 18:06:17 PM
  • (;´ຶДຶ `)(;´ຶДຶ `)(;´ຶДຶ `)
    18-Dec-2017 00:11:50 AM
  • Baaaam FRESH!!
    18-Dec-2017 01:38:27 AM
  • Love dis
    18-Dec-2017 02:01:45 AM
  • ✌️🔝
    19-Dec-2017 14:01:30 PM
  • 😌💕
    19-Dec-2017 20:20:03 PM
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