I meant to start this book about 3 different times this year, but every time I went to pick it up I just wasn’t in the mood. Do you have a book that you meant to read in 2017 that just slipped away?

  • As a matter of fact, i do, and it’s a Hardy too! Mine is The Woodlanders. 😅
    13-Dec-2017 13:59:31 PM
  • @classicsandcaffeine I really liked that one!
    13-Dec-2017 14:27:10 PM
  • Definitely! I tried reading "Picnic at Hanging Rock" and failed each time 😅 (sorry for the spam, my phone is acting up!)
    13-Dec-2017 14:31:58 PM
  • @braveliteraryworld Ohh i must pick it up soon then!
    13-Dec-2017 14:47:05 PM
  • Lovely edition. And I absolutely love this book - Bathsheba is a wonderful heroine! I hope you enjoy it when you get round to it 😀
    13-Dec-2017 14:58:56 PM
  • Alice and the Bible 🙃 too busy! But I’m gonna (try to) tackle them during break
    13-Dec-2017 15:04:06 PM
  • Turtles all the way down... I just picked it up and read it in like three hours in a fit of creativity lol and it was so worth it
    13-Dec-2017 15:40:49 PM
  • @classicsandcaffeine I really want to get into Hardy, but the time just hasn’t been right for me 🙈
    13-Dec-2017 15:46:09 PM
  • @thebooksaurus sometimes you want to read a book and when you try you just realize you aren’t in the mood for it. And no worries!
    13-Dec-2017 15:46:55 PM
  • @literarylilith I saw the movie and loved it! So I’m really hopeful ☺️
    13-Dec-2017 15:47:35 PM
  • This book is wonderful (and the film is too!) ☺️ hope you’ll enjoy it when you get around to it!
    13-Dec-2017 16:03:34 PM
  • @thetravelingreader thanks! I hope so too 💕💕
    13-Dec-2017 17:35:34 PM
  • Germinal is the one I just kept putting off. January for sure🌟
    13-Dec-2017 18:52:05 PM
  • @classicsandcaffeine Woodlanders is so good👏👏
    13-Dec-2017 18:52:25 PM
  • I really enjoyed this. Hope you do too! 💛
    13-Dec-2017 19:18:27 PM
  • A little life .... it's meant to be so incredible but it's just so enormous to carry around! 😂
    13-Dec-2017 23:21:38 PM
  • The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens. I've been trying to read that book 3 times now 😅.
    14-Dec-2017 02:53:58 AM
  • @drummingonthecover I shall pick it up soon!
    14-Dec-2017 09:31:54 AM
  • @teawithfreya that book just completely intimidates me! It’s so long and I’ve heard it’s so sad idk if I can get through it!
    14-Dec-2017 13:56:15 PM
  • @syafrinareads I haven’t read any dickens yet! 🙈 that’s a 2018 goal for myself
    14-Dec-2017 13:56:45 PM
  • @theclubofbooks I hope so too 😊 I enjoyed the movie and really liked Return of the Native, so I’m sure I will. Have you read any other hardy?
    14-Dec-2017 13:57:53 PM
  • @drummingonthecover have you read any other Zola yet? He’s an author I’d like to start next year as well
    14-Dec-2017 13:59:24 PM
  • @books.with.luna Finger crossed 😀
    14-Dec-2017 14:33:40 PM
  • @books.with.luna Only this one I'm afraid! 🙊
    14-Dec-2017 15:27:11 PM
  • I read this one this year, my jaw didn’t drop...
    15-Dec-2017 12:53:11 PM
  • I meant to read a ton of books actually, ended up reading only a few. check out my latest post for a review of one I just read!
    15-Dec-2017 13:48:47 PM
  • Same edition and this book for me!
    16-Dec-2017 15:57:18 PM
  • Great content!
    17-Dec-2017 09:28:28 AM
  • Love it.
    18-Dec-2017 02:04:10 AM
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