It’s beginning to look a lot like the holiday season in this Hubble image of a blizzard of stars, which resembles a swirling snowstorm in a snow globe. The stars are residents of the globular star cluster Messier 79, or M79, located 41,000 light-years from Earth, in the constellation Lepus. The cluster is also known as NGC 1904. Globular clusters are gravitationally bound groupings of as many as 1 million stars. M79 contains about 150,000 stars packed into an area measuring only 118 light-years across. These giant “star-globes” contain some of the oldest stars in our galaxy, estimated to be 11.7 billion years old. Most globular clusters are grouped around the central hub of our pinwheel-shaped galaxy. However, M79’s home is nearly on the opposite side of the sky from the direction of the galactic center. One idea for the cluster’s unusual location is that its neighborhood may contain a higher-than-average density of stars, which fueled its formation. Another possibility is that M79 may have formed in an unusual dwarf galaxy that is merging with the Milky Way. In the Hubble image, Sun-like stars appear yellow. The reddish stars are bright giants that represent the final stages of a star’s life. Most of the blue stars sprinkled throughout the cluster are aging “helium-burning” stars. These bright blue stars have exhausted their hydrogen fuel and are now fusing helium in their cores. A scattering of fainter blue stars are “blue stragglers.” These unusual stars glow in blue light, mimicking the appearance of hot, young stars. Blue stragglers form either by the merger of stars in a binary system or by the collision of two unrelated stars in M79’s crowded core. Credit: NASA/Hubble #NASA #Hubble #space #science #astronomy #universe #telescope #cosmos #messier #holiday

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    14-Dec-2017 00:21:54 AM
  • Difference between an M classification and an NGC classification? Like M79 and NGC 1904?
    14-Dec-2017 05:30:05 AM
  • @thehotroom88 there is this thing called gravity it's really cool
    14-Dec-2017 09:19:04 AM
  • Is this pic inside the milky way galaxy
    14-Dec-2017 09:28:39 AM
  • what a beauty
    14-Dec-2017 12:09:54 PM
  • Good old fashion CGI masterpiece
    15-Dec-2017 01:37:58 AM
  • @kristenrhopkins try and spot this one
    15-Dec-2017 04:51:35 AM
  • @ethanthexplorer if you don't already follow this account you need to!
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  • @sebmartinwallace looking at it now
    15-Dec-2017 12:07:45 PM
  • @connorsaunders___ oooooh loveee 😍 Hubble always producing wonders
    15-Dec-2017 12:41:22 PM
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  • This my fotgrac
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  • And those stars are probably dead
    17-Dec-2017 03:15:54 AM
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  • È meraviglioso il nostro universo.......
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  • People see Disney world pics and cry "ooooh I wanna gooooo." I see these...and I say the same thing. @nasa @nasahubble
    18-Dec-2017 00:25:26 AM
  • If we could see this view every night, we would be in awe of life.
    18-Dec-2017 00:56:29 AM
  • Mind boggling for sure
    18-Dec-2017 04:32:32 AM
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  • @johnnyb1189 does this kind of blizzard get you in the holiday spirit
    18-Dec-2017 22:26:02 PM
  • @_embecroft it gives a full science/Christmas hard on.
    18-Dec-2017 23:11:07 PM
  • @jordrose__ whoa!!! This is amazing!!
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  • wow that is insane!!!! lit
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  • @epiccountrymusic???????? Lmaooooooooo. You can do this with a proper own teliscope
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  • My family
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  • I do not need a light 💡I need us , one problem , no have money , Family’s USA-ESP. NASA I stay live. Why?
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  • Nasa I need this fotograf . It is 👍 ok
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