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#Chrisbrown #TI, #Rihanna and many more are definitely feeling some type of way about the whole #KeatonJones situation. #Riri deleted the post she had on her #ig in support of Keaton. According to Keaton Jones’ mother, She's NOT racist, says she posted the confederate flag to be funny, extreme and ironic 😒. This lady is just a racist mess foh! Racism and Bullying is NOT cool! . . . . . . . . . . . #trendingnow #celebritynews #socialmedia #jlo #tmz #twitter #racism #racist #blm #twitter #viralvideo #katyperry #blacklivesmatter #celebrities #bullies #snoopdogg #justinbieber #blacklivesmatter

  • @majitoaleaga probably the most intelligent thing I've read so far while scrolling through these comments
    14-Dec-2017 09:50:15 AM
  • close the damn acc and give no money to his bullshit family
    14-Dec-2017 10:06:12 AM
  • He can have his dumb ass sympathy when the south rises again
    14-Dec-2017 10:43:43 AM
  • @troubleman31 His mother is so wrong but it’s not the child’s fault. It’s none of these children’s fault who have racist parents because they be brainwashing their children to be racist like them. You right about still supporting the lil man about being bullied still and I do too but his mother is so wrong.
    14-Dec-2017 12:33:33 PM
  • @shstarbright this is the most mature comment I have seen. People sitting here bashing this boy are just as nasty as his mother. It’s so sad. Children aren’t born racist, they are taught racism.
    14-Dec-2017 15:13:20 PM
  • So fucking sad for that kid. Its gotta suck to be born into a family like his.
    14-Dec-2017 15:56:35 PM
  • 14-Dec-2017 16:46:35 PM
  • What does that flag mean sorry i’m from the netherlands I don’t pay attention this kind of stuff.
    14-Dec-2017 17:45:41 PM
  • https://www.instagram.com/p/BcsIj_5Ft3K/
    14-Dec-2017 18:04:22 PM
  • @kaileeunique Thank you. Yes, children are taught that. I saw a documentary about it and the parents were Ku klux klans and had the babies dressed up in the robes and stuff. Just awful.
    14-Dec-2017 19:28:21 PM
  • @papito.026. Racist
    14-Dec-2017 22:59:34 PM
  • @papito.026 dat is de vlag van de zuiderlingen van Amerika in de 18e eeuw, ze waren VOOR de slavernij
    14-Dec-2017 23:16:33 PM
  • @papito.026 no that flag represents the confederacy not racism, the people of the south had slaves which is wrong but most people who fought for in the civil war fight bc they lived here. God I have a lot black Friends and none are as bad u Jesus people like u need to learn and quit saying shit if u don't know.
    14-Dec-2017 23:27:02 PM
  • Look at this post @ximenaduque
    15-Dec-2017 01:35:00 AM
  • @swishesweet classic i have a lot of black friends response. The whole thing of "confederates fought for becuase they lived there" is a horrible point. The main point in the division of the us and the civil was mainly on the issue of slavery. So anyone fighting for the south whether it was to uphold their land or any other reason still supported slavery by fighting for a country that would allow it to continue. So no matter what the reason for keeping a confederate flag, the institution of slavery is still being glorified when someone attaches it to their car or lets it out for all people to see as if the south didnt lose the war.
    15-Dec-2017 02:56:22 AM
  • 15-Dec-2017 07:59:12 AM
  • The confederate flag isn’t racist dumbasses
    15-Dec-2017 15:22:23 PM
  • Q vayan a comer mierda como va a tratar de ser chistosa con eso acaso eso es un juego?
    15-Dec-2017 17:30:38 PM
  • @hutton_k_nick you clearly an idiot 🤔
    15-Dec-2017 19:10:00 PM
  • @hutton_k_nick the Xbox and PlayStation came out before you were born kid. Get outta here lmfao
    15-Dec-2017 20:34:14 PM
  • @tbone.17 explain how then 😅
    15-Dec-2017 21:19:30 PM
  • @andyee_415 I’m just defending my opinion. Gtfo most of my homies black anyways and they kno
    15-Dec-2017 21:20:14 PM
  • @andyee_415 and I’m 17 u look young ash wym nigga😅
    15-Dec-2017 21:20:34 PM
  • @hutton_k_nick lmfao another white person speaking for black people 😂
    15-Dec-2017 21:28:54 PM
  • @hutton_k_nick why you mad? Hahaha
    15-Dec-2017 21:29:34 PM
  • All the times I've sat and cried in my room.. I'm lucky I'm still alive and healthy fr thats what's annoying.
    16-Dec-2017 05:38:31 AM
  • 16-Dec-2017 06:12:09 AM
  • 16-Dec-2017 14:29:33 PM
  • They all should when I first saw this I was like he ain’t the only kid getting bullied ..,stop jumping on social media band wagons ...
    16-Dec-2017 21:00:11 PM
  • Just so y'all know, supporting the confederate flag is not in its self racist, people need to stop reaching. Now the kid is getting bullied in school and online it's just bullshit. Like saying everyone that supports the flag should be bullied is fucking dumb.
    17-Dec-2017 01:10:55 AM
  • @noslenagos not everyone who supports the flag is supporting racism and BTW A LOT of black people also support the confederate flag, and I'm pretty sure there not supporting being enslaved.
    17-Dec-2017 01:13:09 AM
  • Wow
    17-Dec-2017 19:53:29 PM
  • @kaileeunique stfu he deserves it .. it’s called karma. His mom will probably burn in hell
    17-Dec-2017 21:01:37 PM
  • Plus he wasnt even holding a rebel flag hes holding an AMERICAN flag and if he deserves to get bullied then fuck i guess alot of us would be shit out of luck
    17-Dec-2017 23:40:16 PM
  • @chelsyeetboi lol well since you say he deserves it, I guess it must be true 😂🙄 goooodbye.
    18-Dec-2017 09:23:17 AM
  • @bethawver they must be in the sunken place then because of course they are not directly supporting the enslavement of africans does not mean they arent doing so indirectly. That is synonymous to saying a german who just has a lot of pride for their country supporting the nazi flag of germany is not supporting the genocide of jews and other non- white denominations. So in conclusion you can be directly and indirectly supporting racism by supporting the confederate flag.
    18-Dec-2017 19:31:31 PM
  • @shstarbright but the boy called black kids the N word at school 🤔
    18-Dec-2017 20:58:09 PM
  • What difference does it make when someone other than white calls a white person "cracker" because white people are called cracker all the time and nobody comments bullshit about that, ok I've called a black person the n word once by accident and the way we solved it was he called a whole bunch of racial slurs, y'all are just fucked up in the brain
    19-Dec-2017 04:39:15 AM
  • Well that's over. They finnessed all of you 😹😹😹😹😹
    19-Dec-2017 20:05:09 PM
  • Busssssssted!
    30-Dec-2017 13:03:53 PM
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