• Too cute! 👑🍭⭐️
    12-Dec-2017 21:18:54 PM
  • I just want an entire dream in this lighting and colour
    12-Dec-2017 22:47:38 PM
  • @tree_wolf_fur omg same tho
    12-Dec-2017 22:48:01 PM
  • @_p.u.r.p.l.e_mood_ how do we achieve this!? 😂
    12-Dec-2017 22:49:21 PM
  • @tree_wolf_fur 😂 I wish I knew! Maybe if you sleep with purple lights on like how if you watch a bunch of black and white movies your dreams will be in black and white
    12-Dec-2017 22:50:43 PM
  • I'm for sure getting a mood light after new year that has a full spectrum. After watching thousands of films... you don't dream in black and white unfortunately
    12-Dec-2017 22:52:12 PM
  • @tree_wolf_fur damn 😂 and good luck! Please inform me if you accomplish the purple dream
    12-Dec-2017 22:53:14 PM
  • dope 😂 will let you know
    12-Dec-2017 22:54:19 PM
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