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they're cool the people reading this

  • My friend told me that she watched Thor 3 the other day and she was so excited about it and fangirled a bit and I was like bitch I've been talking about Thor and Loki for the last 3 years
    11-Dec-2017 21:26:24 PM
  • @dramione4life I'm talking about you @raghadn_2000
    11-Dec-2017 21:26:48 PM
  • That first one is me with Rick and Morty because I told my friends about it knowing they'd like it and they brushed it off like FUCK anyways then it became popular and they DO like it so I guess
    11-Dec-2017 21:55:34 PM
  • @webstxr lnfao fuck off i acknowledge that u been liking them tho atleast
    11-Dec-2017 22:01:17 PM
  • 11-Dec-2017 22:14:24 PM
  • @oliviaakerberg haha ja!!! Wow
    11-Dec-2017 23:20:08 PM
  • I call this the skateboarding and Pokémon complex
    12-Dec-2017 00:04:32 AM
  • @ponderoussealion me @ u with NSP, Hearthstone, Zelda,
    12-Dec-2017 03:12:26 AM
  • 12-Dec-2017 04:09:28 AM
  • @carmen.reilly this is you.
    12-Dec-2017 04:10:20 AM
  • @montague.leslie because I show you song that you call trash and then like 2 months later show me the same song thinking it’s cool.. wtf
    12-Dec-2017 04:11:00 AM
  • @carmen.reilly 😂😂😂
    12-Dec-2017 05:04:25 AM
  • El tercero @blancaiba
    12-Dec-2017 05:57:40 AM
  • @beanonell HAHAHAHHAHA #RipVine
    12-Dec-2017 06:06:14 AM
  • @millieanne_ FIRST ONE UMUMUMUMUM
    12-Dec-2017 10:22:30 AM
  • The tv show is called goosebumps
    12-Dec-2017 11:10:05 AM
  • I have more of a "stop it dabing was dead 2 months before you brought it to the school" complex
    12-Dec-2017 13:03:01 PM
  • me wearing leggings in middle and elementary school
    12-Dec-2017 13:15:32 PM
  • 12-Dec-2017 15:25:24 PM
  • @lilnikkiivert haha wat ben je grappig
    12-Dec-2017 16:02:01 PM
  • @dystopian_paradise_ same but I was them the year they debuted
    12-Dec-2017 18:03:58 PM
  • Me with BTS, tattoos, and skateboards
    12-Dec-2017 18:08:50 PM
  • 12-Dec-2017 20:12:50 PM
  • @sftan.inc fuvking trooper mate
    12-Dec-2017 20:31:08 PM
  • @_azelgrace_ Das erste
    12-Dec-2017 21:32:25 PM
  • 13-Dec-2017 07:21:41 AM
  • @parvaninathoo that's one of my favourite vines
    13-Dec-2017 16:34:03 PM
  • Black mirror does that (the program idea) but it doesn't have the conclusion things
    14-Dec-2017 21:04:27 PM
  • That first slide is so true
    15-Dec-2017 04:55:20 AM
  • what app is this? with the reposting and stuff?
    16-Dec-2017 03:35:10 AM
  • 16-Dec-2017 19:10:14 PM
  • @graciejobenn I have this but about things like us drinking from water bottles
    17-Dec-2017 15:29:05 PM
  • Me with Pingu
    18-Dec-2017 16:24:55 PM
  • W the first one SAME w Hamilton someone literally told me it sucked to my face then when someone else started liking it then a whole bunch of people were like “the first song is my favorite” and literally don’t listen to any other song and say they’re freaking “HaMiLtOn NeRdS” and it freaking DRIVES ME CRAZY and I just..., hate them ya know? Then one of them is rich and just went to see it w their fam and I was so jealous and they were like posting about it and they were like I absolutely LOVE the first song it’s my favorite I know all of the words and UUUUGGGGGHHHH thanks for listening for me rant 🙏🏻
    20-Dec-2017 04:47:46 AM
  • Oh boy what flavor.
    20-Dec-2017 08:16:57 AM
  • Vanilla
    20-Dec-2017 08:17:05 AM
  • @_dana.dgn_ the first😑
    21-Dec-2017 18:52:20 PM
  • 21-Dec-2017 18:54:44 PM
  • first one i showed my mom a new adele song like the second it came out and she didnt like it and a few weeks later when it was popular she was like “have you heard this song its my new favorite”
    23-Dec-2017 21:28:03 PM
  • The first one is me with 80s music and Finn Wolfhard lmao everyone told me the music sucked and that Finn was ugly and now would you look 🐸☕️
    24-Dec-2017 09:10:47 AM
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