Let hear your first opinions.. the 2018 @husqvarna_usa FC450 Rockstar Edition . . . #motocrossaction #news #testing #magazine #parts #products #outdoors #supercross

  • Love the husky but needs alot of attention. New graphics would be first on hand.
    11-Dec-2017 02:07:59 AM
  • That is ugly Too much freaking plastic
    11-Dec-2017 02:27:50 AM
  • Looks like... Even further ahead of Japan. They're still chasing the old chassis😂😂😂😂
    11-Dec-2017 02:31:25 AM
  • The number plates mess it up for me. Last years husky was the best looking bike out of all of them IMO. If these huskys had the new KTM style number plates, it would look awesome. The 2 piece plates throws it way off.
    11-Dec-2017 02:37:04 AM
  • Also what the hell is up with the yellow fork guards?!? All the plastics are white besides the damn fork guards. Wtf lol
    11-Dec-2017 02:38:00 AM
  • Ugly
    11-Dec-2017 03:00:00 AM
  • @deanwilson15 is going to put that beast on the podium. Thats my opinion.
    11-Dec-2017 03:02:56 AM
  • Not a finished look. To many angles
    11-Dec-2017 03:10:28 AM
  • Ugly AF. Long life 2 strokes
    11-Dec-2017 03:29:17 AM
  • I will own one very soon
    11-Dec-2017 04:13:56 AM
  • The regular plastics look so much better those look like garbage
    11-Dec-2017 04:19:55 AM
  • The only thing I don’t care for is the rear number plates
    11-Dec-2017 04:49:46 AM
  • Ugly af
    11-Dec-2017 05:58:16 AM
  • it’s growing on me. reminds me of how i felt with new body style dodge chargers. i was bedridden for weeks i was so upset. now i love em. i was expecting more from the fc but it’s good. i noticed it looks better in video than in photos
    11-Dec-2017 06:11:43 AM
  • Side plates ruin the bike
    11-Dec-2017 06:18:38 AM
  • @arran_a14 so ur saying Kawasaki isn't 😂😂😂
    11-Dec-2017 06:45:16 AM
  • @dougbauer19 for reals. What's up with that gap?
    11-Dec-2017 06:48:23 AM
  • @dg533 yup. Form used to follow function. Did KISKA run out of ideas?
    11-Dec-2017 06:49:04 AM
  • The FIAT MULTIPLA OF MOTOCROSS. Ok. Let's see how Husky sales go for this model year. Can KISKA please reveal the name of the designer(s) of those side plates so we can go after him/her/them. By the way, style for the sake of style is BS. Form follows function. Did the FIAT MULTIPLA sell really well?
    11-Dec-2017 06:52:32 AM
  • @kynan.neilsen_ look at the plastics 😷
    11-Dec-2017 06:56:34 AM
  • The plastics kill the aesthetics.
    11-Dec-2017 12:09:30 PM
  • The back number plates are😷 but, the rest looks nice. I wish they did a white frame like a Ktm factory edition does orange frame
    11-Dec-2017 14:25:28 PM
  • @lavapety ikr it’s obnoxiously big
    11-Dec-2017 14:27:26 PM
  • You get to ride it u tell us
    11-Dec-2017 14:35:44 PM
  • Them side panels with the black bit , what were the designers thinking, come on Husqvarna ,I know you can do better 🤔 @motocrossactionmag
    11-Dec-2017 14:48:23 PM
  • Big no
    11-Dec-2017 17:38:12 PM
  • Sick 😁 got any die cast models 🙏🏻
    11-Dec-2017 18:02:30 PM
  • That's one hideaus creature right there. The designbureau is making them ugly on purpose probably in order to sell more KTM's I think. It has a lot of unnecessary lines, heck even for a Chinese design it's ugly.
    11-Dec-2017 18:13:56 PM
  • Ugly to me
    11-Dec-2017 20:24:07 PM
  • Ugliest front fender I've ever seen except when they did it before. Ugly then, ugly now.
    11-Dec-2017 21:57:28 PM
  • Beautiful! You guys are crazy
    11-Dec-2017 22:11:16 PM
  • Plastic shape looks terrible
    12-Dec-2017 00:34:49 AM
  • 👍
    12-Dec-2017 01:59:25 AM
  • 👏👌
    12-Dec-2017 04:44:43 AM
  • ❤😍
    12-Dec-2017 12:32:25 PM
  • Don’t like that side panel AT ALL!!
    13-Dec-2017 02:26:11 AM
  • Anderson 2018 bike looks sick
    13-Dec-2017 05:08:22 AM
  • Why black frame!
    17-Dec-2017 09:51:27 AM
  • ?
    17-Dec-2017 09:51:29 AM
  • @pmanning115 its really ugly huh
    17-Dec-2017 15:45:07 PM
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