My husbands early Christmas gift to me. I’m back on the crystal wearing, hippie wagon. Very gurunista gayhle. Although this is pretty chic if you ask me. #crystals #artisan #echoparkcraftfair #beautifulthings #energy #lightworker #yogi

  • Beautiful!
    11-Dec-2017 03:04:06 AM
  • It’s lovely! ❤️
    11-Dec-2017 03:39:19 AM
  • Beautiful.. is that a lemurian Crystal? So magical!
    11-Dec-2017 03:48:08 AM
  • @roxanebecker thanks!! Yes it is! You know your stuff 😉
    11-Dec-2017 16:38:02 PM
  • @masterymaker I just got one this year.. it’s an amazing stone with a mystical story, you can feel it when you wear it ✨❤️
    11-Dec-2017 17:10:15 PM
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